Each Hudson Valley Community College student has a unique story and a unique path to success.
Ryan G. sitting on a bench outside on campus
“There are probably a lot of students who could take advantage of this program and don’t know about it.”
Steve W. sitting at a table in the Learning Assistance Center
“Wouldn't it be great if I can do this for a living some day?”
Siri W. at a car dealership
“This is exactly the position I had in mind when enrolling at HVCC.”
Tony C. on campus
“I think it was really good that I started at Hudson Valley because it prepared me not just academically but mentally.”
Jenny R. and Millie R. sitting at a table
“There really aren't a lot of summer camps that are fun and not just child care for kids that age.”
Severina Rivers at commencement
“I'm going to celebrate this graduation, because I put a lot of work into this. You need to celebrate the triumphs in your life.”
Valerie Eagle
“I'm telling my story to make a difference in peoples' lives.”
Sean Lachhander
“In high school, I really wasn't motivated by education. I decided I'm going to go to Hudson Valley, get my two-year, and then transfer.”
Saad M. in a computer lab
“I always had it in my mind that I needed to go back to school and continue college and the people here have been so helpful.”
Noreen Sharkey in a hair studio
“Going back to school is no joke. It takes work and discipline, but it's so fulfilling.”
Nick McSpedon in the automotive lab
“It makes you feel good to help someone out.”
Minling Lee on campus
“The professors make me feel as though I am living with a ‘large family’ while I am studying at Hudson Valley.”
Mary Kate Robinson at a Foundation reception
“I’ve been connected with the college in some way since 1972, and I have a strong attachment to this place.”
Jenny Edwards at commencement
“It’s humbling to be back in college. But my professor, Eileen Mahoney, took the time to help me through that first semester.”
Grace Harrison speaking at commencement
“I remember meeting with the admissions director. She planted the idea that I could get to Cornell from here.”
Debora Nova in a lab
“Try every day toward your goal. Work hard. Be unstoppable. Do it every day, and don't give up.”
Danielle Cartagenes in the Collegiate Academic Support Program office
“CASP gave me everything I needed to succeed and a chance to help others. I made some really great friends.”
Tyler Sims at commencement
“With his grades on the rise, he returned to the football field the following fall.”
Arnela Mahmutovic in an art studio
“The Fine Arts community at Hudson Valley is something special.”