Meet Debora N.

Architectural Technology Graduate

“Try every day toward your goal. Work hard. Be unstoppable. Do it every day, and don't give up.”

Debora Nova has traveled across much of the world, but no matter where she goes, she's inspired by the city skyline. That's because as an aspiring architect, the view provides a glimpse of the goal she's been working toward for most of her life.

A lifelong passion for art inspired Debora's dream of becoming an architect. Naturally gifted in drawing and other forms of creative expression, she spent plenty of time as a child with a sketch pad and pencil in hand. One day, her sister taught her to draw a 3-D house, and her dream of becoming an architect was sparked. She soon began sketching buildings and dreaming of the day she would be able to make them real.

As the daughter of two ministers, Debora traveled far and wide throughout her young life, absorbing different styles of art and architecture. When the family eventually settled in Albany, she found her surroundings just as inspiring as the foreign cities she had lived in before.

Debora's experience in the college's Architectural Technology program has helped shape her future even more clearly. Though she initially chose Hudson Valley for its affordability, she was soon glad she did; she said the kindness, help and support of her teachers and classmates helped keep her on task while she juggled school with two jobs: working as an AutoCAD technician at the Anderson Group and as an interior designer and consultant for Bassett. 

When she graduated from Hudson Valley in 2017, Debora enrolled in the Building Sciences program at RPI, where she continues to strive toward her career goals. Her ultimate dream is to start her own architecture firm.

Debora's advice to other ambitious students is simple. "You have to have the willpower," she explains. "Try every day toward your goal. Work hard. Be unstoppable. Do it every day, and don't give up."