Policy for Posting Materials on Campus

This policy provides guidelines in terms of time, place and manner of postings on campus. Hudson Valley Community College reserves the right to address concerns or make suggestions related to content of postings in an effort to reinforce the educational mission of the College. The intent of this policy is to contribute to an orderly presentation of information for College members. The College seeks to enhance the academic and social environments of the campus, to promote events consistent with the mission of the College and to continue the support of the academic and social elements of student life.

Printed Postings

Posting on campus is limited to designated areas by members of the college, departments/programs, registered clubs, student organizations and Student Senate who wish to advertise on campus on a space available basis. Postings for commercial purposes are prohibited.

  1. Postings are to be on paper or similar medium as appropriate for adhering to the Student Senate Bulletin Boards. The preferred size is 8 ½” x 11” and may not exceed 17” x 22”. The Student Activities Office must approve exceptions to the standard.
  2. Posters and flyers for not-for-profit organizations pertaining to cultural, educational and social events sponsored by Hudson Valley Community College must be stamped for approval by the Student Activities Office prior to posting.
  3. For-profit postings from any organizations, groups or individuals will not be granted permission to post notices on college property. All such notices will be removed immediately.
  4. No postings are permitted on cars, lockers, personal property, painted, wooden or glass surfaces (i.e. windows & doors) unless the Assistant Director of Student Life designates such space for posting.
  5. Only one flyer/notice per event per bulletin board is allowed. Posters/flyers can be posted up to three weeks in advance of the event and must be removed the day following the event.
  6. Only Student Senate and academic postings and chalkings are permitted on classroom bulletin boards and chalkboards.
  7. Tape, paint, or other substances used to convey a message may not be applied to physical surfaces of buildings or grounds on College property. Chalk may be permissible with approval by Assistant Director of Student Life.

All postings must include the following information:

  1. Name of sponsoring organization, which must be prominently displayed in a central location on the advertisement.
  2. Date, time and location of the event.
  3. Student Senate logo must be present on all flyers that are sponsored by the Student Senate.
  4. All flyers must be stamped for approval by the Student Activities Office prior to posting!

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