Meet Cooper W.

Kids on Campus soccer camper

“At summer camp, you get to meet people and you get to try new things.”

Eight-year-old Cooper from West Sand Lake is excited every morning he gets to come to campus in the summer. He knows he’ll be hanging out with his friends, meeting new kids from around the Capital Region and playing on Hudson Valley Community College’s turf field with 30 or so other campers in the college’s Kids on Campus soccer camp.

Cooper, it seems, would be happy to come to campus and play any number of sports. He enjoys and excels at baseball, basketball and soccer, and this summer traveled to the Junior Olympics to compete in the shot put and sprint races.

If it’s about sports and being an athlete, Cooper is up for it. “It’s nice that I can be here with my brother and my good friend, Dominic,” he said. [At summer camp], you get to meet people and you get to try new things.”

The college’s Kids on Campus program caters to all sorts of budding athletes, as well as those with other interests. If your child’s interests range from cooking and computer games, to juggling, robotics or acting, the Kids on Campus program probably has something for them.

A self-described Yankees fan (who also roots for the Cubs and maybe the Dodgers), Cooper has a lot of energy to expend each morning out on the fields. As the coaches put campers through their warm up drills, Cooper weaves his soccer ball skillfully though the cones and waits for the next set of instructions.

“I like to play any sports or just hang out with my friends, jumping on a trampoline,” he said.