Meet Jenny R.

Parent of Summer Camper

“There really aren't a lot of summer camps that are fun and not just child care for kids that age.”

Choosing the right summer camp for your child can be time consuming and more than a little stressful. For Jenny Reinhorn of Wynantskill, the chance to get her 14-year-old stepson and seven-year-old daughter into the same program led her to Hudson Valley's Circus Camp. She's been impressed with the college's Kids on Campus offerings ever since.

"The first time we tried Hudson Valley was Circus Camp about three years ago. It was a camp that they could be in together, and they both had the best time. For a seven-year-old and a 14-year-old to enjoy the same camp together was great, neither had any experience with stilts or juggling or anything. The show at the end of camp was fantastic," she said.

Last year, Millie did Circus Camp again and also tried an American Girl Doll camp. Her little brother, Maximus, did the Amazing Athletes program, which gives kids ages 4 to 6, a taste of several different sports over the course of one week.

"There really aren't a lot of summer camps that are fun and not just child care for kids that age," Jenny said. "We had tried a more traditional summer camp last year and it was a disaster. I like the fact that there are teachers running the programs at Hudson Valley."

Hudson Valley's Kids on Campus programs have several strengths that differentiate them from many other camp programs. First, licensed elementary and middle school teachers oversee and are teaching the Summer Academy programs. Second, with so many options, parents are sure to find a program that can fit their child's interests, or help them find a new one.

Millie is a Circus Camp veteran now, having joined the camp for three years running. She'll be one of the more experienced performers on the unicycle and stilts, helping out the newcomers. But she's also going to be trying a sewing camp and Breakout Detectives, a camp that teaches cooperative puzzle and problem solving skills.

"It's part of what makes the summer fun, trying all these different things that you wouldn't normally get to try," Jenny said.