Meet Siri W.

Automotive Management Graduate

“This is exactly the position I had in mind when enrolling at HVCC.”

Siri Wing is living proof that dreams do come true. A mere two weeks after receiving her degree, Wing became office manager at Porsche of Clifton Park, the dealership she longed to work for since deciding early in high school that she wanted to pursue a career in the automotive field.

Wing finds her days at the dealership fulfilling, with duties that include leasing and detail work, DMV and title searches, event planning and reception. She looks forward to growing with this “elite and exciting” company and has set her sights on working at the corporate level someday.

Inspired by her family’s longstanding interest in motor sports and propelled by a personal love for cars -- especially high end models – Wing had long been interested in auto mechanics, but knew that wasn't the path she wanted to take within the industry.

Hudson Valley was already her school of choice for its affordability and the promise of employment upon completion, but it was that pull to mechanics that was the driving force behind her decision to consider the college’s automotive programs. And, to her surprise, there was the Automotive Management degree offering combined business and mechanical courses. “It was perfect! It was exactly what I was looking for, but with no idea it actually existed,” Wing says.

A knowledge of and passion for cars is important for a career in the business side of a dealership, Wing notes. “The auto classes I took allow me to be more knowledgeable and able to talk to customers confidently.”

Wing also sees her business courses come into play on a daily basis. “This is exactly the position I had in mind when enrolling at HVCC. It is a great position to have as I begin my career because I am learning so much about the business already and there is so much room for advancement. And it’s certainly a bonus that I am working for my favorite car company in existence.”