Computer Information Systems System & Network Administration Track (AAS)

The System & Network Administration Track in the Computer Information Systems A.A.S. program is a highly relevant and technical program area that contains the Cisco Network Academy.

Hudson Valley Community College's Cisco Network Academy is one of the select few programs in New York state to teach both the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) curriculum - most colleges only teach through the CCNA.

This program tack goes beyond the standard Cisco curriculum is as it focuses on theoretical networking content to provide students with the conceptual understanding to remain abreast of emergent and evolving technology. To this extent, the Cisco curriculum is used as an application platform to support the program's theoretical content.

To provide a curriculum map for prospective students, the CCNA material is presented in CISS 120 and CISS 121, while the CCNP material is presented in CISS 270 and CISS 271.
NOTE: CISS 120 is a strict prerequisite for CISS 121 however CISS 121 serves as the prerequisite for CISS 270, CISS 271, CISS 272 and CISS 273.

The required CISS 150 Operating Systems is also a cutting edge technical course that presents theoretical Operating Systems concepts and applies them in contemporary virtualization practices.

This program track is offered by the Computer Science and Mathematics Department.

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