Computer Science and Mathematics

The Computer Science and Mathematics Department offers degree programs for students planning to transfer to four-year programs, and for those planning to enter the workforce upon completing their two-year degree.

Computer Information Systems students, including those in the Computer Science Track, receive a strong foundation in math, computing principles, and programming, with specialization tracks that can be tailored to each student’s interests and strengths. Students who enter the Hacking and Cybersecurity program focus on computer and network security, and the intersection of computer technology and criminal justice.

The Liberal Arts and Science - Mathematics and Science program provides the foundation for students to transfer to four-year programs in various fields, including mathematics, math education, any of the natural sciences, science education, and pre-medical.

Certain degree programs offer the opportunity for hands-on experience through internships with local employers, and the department also has transfer agreements with many of the top schools in the state and around the region.



Students in this department receive academic advisement by appointment through the department. When contacting the office, please use your HVCC email account and include your program of study.

Advisor: Renay Williams
Office:  Bulmer Telecommunications Center, Room 229
Contact Information: or (518) 629-7358

NOTE: Current students asking questions over the phone may be asked for their FERPA password, depending on what is being asked. See Communicating with Students Remotely and Complying with FERPA for more details.


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Department or program information:

Linda Lim, Ph.D.
Computer Science and Mathematics DEPARTMENT CHAIRPERSON
Bulmer Telecommunications Center, Room 230

Program admission information:

Guenther Enrollment Services Center, Room 223