This degree program will prepare you with the skills you need for a career in welding with a focus on metal fabrications.

In this program, you will acquire a broad base of knowledge in fabrication and welding, along with instruction in areas like CAD, metrology and metallurgy, providing you with an advanced education not available in other welding programs.

This program is primarily designed for those who wish to enter the workforce immediately following graduation, and the advanced coursework it includes will allow you to do so already prepared with the skills you need to succeed in the industry.

This program is offered by the Engineering, Architecture and Manufacturing Department.

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Career Opportunities

  • The need for a skilled welding workforce is increasing each year, and industry demand for training that focuses on new technology and industrial maintenance is rising. The New York State Department of Labor predicts the need for welding technicians to increase through 2026.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of 2020, the median salary for welding technicians and related careers is $44,190 per year.
  • Local employers like Allendale Machinery Systems, Fort Miller Group and Simmons Machine Tool Corporation have expressed a need for qualified welding technicians, and expect to hire up to 10 of these technicians per year over the next five years.
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