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For decades, Hudson Valley Community College has brought its educational mission directly to the community through off-campus sites.

We're committed to expanding those offerings - bringing college-level credit courses to the area's businesses and organizations.

As a competitive business, you upgrade software continuously. It’s possible to do the same for your greatest resource; your employees.

Technical training, academic preparation, and skill development is the most efficient way to upgrade your workforce and prepare for new business opportunities. The region’s premier training resource is right here.

Available Training

Credit-bearing college course work can be brought directly into your business or organization. You should work with Continuing Education to decide what type of courses will best meet your needs.

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The cost of providing college courses for your employees can be minimal to your business. Hudson Valley Community College will provide the faculty, advisement and registration materials. You will provide the classroom or computer lab, along with housekeeping.

If your business provides employees with tuition reimbursement or payment, Hudson Valley Community College is the best buy in the Capital District.  [Loading Tuition and Fees link…]

New York State Employees

New York State's public employees have been relying on the outstanding academic programs at Hudson Valley Community College for years. If you are a member of a public employee labor union and may be eligible for educational vouchers, contact your union representative or the Office of Community, Professional and Workforce Development to learn more.

Get Started

Below are the steps that will be followed to coordinate credit-bearing courses at your business or organization.

  • Step 1: Begin the Scheduling Process
    Contact the Office of Community, Professional and Workforce Development to decide what course(s) would be appropriate for your employees. You will work with the off-campus coordinator and academic counselor. Because of the need to assign faculty, our deadlines for scheduling courses run several months prior to the start of classes. For example, courses for the fall semester are scheduled in early spring. Courses for the spring are scheduled in early fall.
    NOTE: A minimum of ten students are required for each course. 
  • Step 2: Start the Registration Process
    Upon confirmation of a course, the business or organization contact can begin to advertise course availability and registration procedures to its employees. We will provide you with the necessary registration materials and instructions, including the Student Record Information (SRI) form. You will collect the registration forms and return them to the college's Registrar's Office who will schedule your employees for the college course(s) indicated. Student registration forms must be received by the appropriate deadline for each term, as noted on the registration calendar. Failure to adhere to stated deadlines may result in the student being dropped from the course. Once a student is scheduled, they will receive a college username and password in the mail if they do not already have one on file. This will allow the student online access to view their email and manage their account in WIReD.
  • Step 3: Determining Payment
    If your business or organization will be assisting with paying the cost of tuition for your employees, you will be responsible for completing the Third Party Sponsorship Authorization Form that we will provide. This form will outline the tuition and fees your business will be responsible for. A Third Party Sponsorship Voucher must be completed for each individual employee to identify that you are sponsoring the student. This voucher will include the sponsored employees' name and student ID number, and will indicate the costs you will provide payment for. The college will not bill you for anyone that does not have a Third Party Sponsorship Voucher on file.
    NOTE: if you are only paying for the cost of tuition, the individual employee will be responsible for paying the fees incurred.

    If employees are responsible for paying their tuition and free, they will receive a bill in the mail approximately 60 days prior to the start of class. The bill will also be emailed to their HVCC student email account.
  • Step 4: Finalizing Payment
    Each student must pay their Hudson Valley tuition bill or be identified on a Third Party Sponsorship Voucher, and provide a Certificate of Residence by the due date on the bill in order to complete the registration process. The business or organization contact may choose to collect the Certificates of Residence for each employee and turn them in to the Registrar’s Office along with the SRI form, bill and payment. Certificates of Residence are valid for one year. Refer to the Certificate of Residence section for more information on this form.
  • Step 5: Submitting Immunization Records
    Hudson Valley Community College, in accordance with New York State law, requires students born on or after January 1, 1957 AND enrolled in six or more credits to provide immunization records to the college's Health Services Office along with a completed meningitis questionnaire. These forms will be mailed directly to the student with their tuition bill. If the student registers after the last billing date, these forms are available through Health Services. Please call Health Services for more information at (518) 629-7468 or see Immunization Requirements.
  • Step 6: Registration Process Complete
    After the business or organization contact provides a Third Party Sponsorship Voucher, or the student makes payment, they are registered. The college will issue the student a schedule which includes class times, room assignments, and instructor names, if appropriate.

    Add/Drop for Credit-Bearing Courses
    Students may add a credit-bearing course(s) by contacting your business or organization contact and filling out an SRI form. Students may drop a credit-bearing course(s) by calling the registration line at (518) 629-4560, or by contacting their advisor if they are in a degree program. A credit-bearing course dropped during this time will not appear on the official transcript. If the schedule change results in less tuition charges, contact the Cashier's Office for the appropriate refund. If a registered student adds a course, tuition liability is immediately incurred. The credit-bearing course will not purge for non-payment.

    Course Withdrawal
    A student may withdraw from a credit-bearing course(s) but will receive a grade of "W" after the add/drop period has ended. Withdrawal deadlines are noted below. Withdrawal forms are available from the Office of Continuing Education if the student is not enrolled in a degree program or through his/her department if he/she is in a degree program and must be signed by an advisor. It is the student’s responsibility to return the form to the Registrar's Office, Guenther Enrollment Services Center, Room 136. Discontinuance of class attendance or notice to the instructor does not constitute authorized withdrawal.

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