The Capital Region has become a global leader in the semiconductor manufacturing industry thanks to the presence of major research universities like RPI and SUNY Poly SEMATECH, and the growth of high-tech companies like GlobalFoundries.

This certificate provides you with highly specialized training in semiconductor and nanotechnology, digital electronics, electro-mechanical devices, semiconductor manufacturing and the nanofabrication processes.

Those who enter this program generally have completed a large number of college-level courses in mathematics, electricity and electronics. Some students who complete the Electrical Engineering Technology-Electronics A.A.S. program continue on to complete this certificate after graduation.

The college also offers an Electrical Technology: Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology A.A.S. program for those students who may not have the prerequisites to enter the certificate program.

The program is primarily designed for those who wish to enter the workforce in entry-level roles such as semiconductor processors and nanotechnology technicians.

This program is offered by the Engineering, Architecture and Manufacturing Department.

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Semiconductor Technology

Semiconductor Technology

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