Advanced Entrepreneurship (Microcredential)

The Advanced Entrepreneurship Microcredential’s objective is to provide you with advanced business courses, strategies and planning, with a focus on the early stages of entrepreneurship and the launching of your own business.

This is the third stackable level of the Entrepreneurship microcredential.

Students will create a full business plan, consider organization and management and explore the need for data analysis through statistics. Students can continue on to pursue the Entrepreneurship A.A.S.


  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Organization and Management
  • Statistics
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Credits earned in this microcredential are stackable to the following program:

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of this microcredential, students will be able to:

  • Describe and identify trends in data for various stakeholders.
  • Describe business leadership, organization and management.
  • Develop strong communication skills by evaluating oral and written presentations.

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