Advanced Accounting (Microcredential)

The Advanced Accounting microcredential is designed for those who want a more advanced understanding of the accounting field. Courses provide the core knowledge of accounting principles.

After completing the Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Microcredential, only two courses are necessary to earn an Accounting certificate: ENGL 101 (English Comp I) and BADM 110 (Business Law).
NOTE: ACTG 111 or ACTG 210 will not apply to the certificate program unless a student has taken the Introduction to Accounting Microcredential.

Students who complete this microcredential or an Accounting certificate can continue on to pursue an A.A.S. degree in the field.


  • Managerial Accounting or Federal Income Tax
  • Quantitative Business Applications
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Credits earned in this microcredential are stackable to the following programs:

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of this microcredential, students will be able to:

  • Describe advanced accounting concepts.
  • Describe and analyze business investment situations.

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