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Nursing Resource Lab

The purpose of the nursing lab is to serve the students as a multidisciplinary and multifunctional teaching and learning environment that provides students with opportunities for self directed and facilitated learning, utilizing the latest in current best evidence based practice. The Nursing Resource lab exists to support classroom and clinical instruction. Our purpose is to assist students in the development of their cognitive, psychomotor, and critical thinking skills essential to best practices in nursing by providing essential resources that support the instructional and clinical components of the nursing curriculum. Students are allowed to learn and practice in a non-threatening simulated patient care setting. As a result, students gain confidence and competency prior to caring for real patients. Our goal is to create a learning environment designed to simulate the clinical nursing environment in a supportive and non-threatening atmosphere.

Education Specialist

Our nursing lab has its own part-time education specialist who coordinates the nursing programs’ skills lab and has worked hard to make the setting and equipment in the nursing lab as realistic as possible. In addition, the educational specialist is available to provide students with individualized supplemental instructions and remediation.


Each skills lab is fully equipped as a smart classroom with a console for projecting CD’s, DVD’s, videos, computer-generated presentations and other materials via a document camera. The two main skills laboratories are equipped with 12 beds and 12 life-size adult manikins, one pediatric and one infant manikin. There are a variety of skill models such as: A life-like model of human torso that can be used to learn and demonstrate competency with the most common types of long term vascular access devices (VAD), two intravenous arms (IV), and five (IV) hands.

There are 20 new computers allowing ample access to the internet and a variety of instructional media. The computers are also utilized for internet based programs such as Assessment Technology Inc. (ATI), My Nursing Lab, National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) based practice tests, and secured tests. There are two new laser jet printers for the students’ convenience. Audio-visual equipment allows students the opportunity to observe both themselves and their colleagues practicing various critical nursing skills.

The two labs are equipped with physical assessment equipment and supplies necessary for our student nurse population learning to acquire the advanced skills of nursing practice.

Simulation Lab Resources

We are proud to offer our students learning opportunities utilizing two newly acquired Vital-SIM (vital sign simulation) manikins. Some of the highlights include auscultation of normal and abnormal heart, breath, and bowel sounds, an instructor-controlled blood pressure arm allows for realistic palpation and auscultation and Vital-Sim enables creating, editing and running scenarios.

Clinical Settings

The Nursing program uses different health care agencies for student clinical experiences. These health care agencies range in practice from a tertiary care/trauma one facility to a long term care rehabilitation facility. This affords the Hudson Valley nursing student diversified clinical experiences throughout their nursing program.

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