Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I return my textbooks?
Textbook returns are handled at the customer service desk, located inside the Bookstore entrance. Please see our Return Policy for detailed information.
NOTE: Textbooks are not returnable after the second week of the Fall and Spring semesters, and after the first week of summer and sprint sessions. Once our return policy period has ended, you can sell your books back during set dates and times.

How do I find my textbooks?

  • All textbooks are arranged in the store by course number.
  • Bring a copy of your schedule or tuition bill with you to ensure that you get the correct ones for your course and section.
  • Course tags hang from the shelves that indicate: the course number; how many books are required/optional; and their titles. The highlighted number in the upper left hand corner of the tag is your course number. Generally, all sections of a course will use the same books. Exceptions will be indicated.
  • The course tag will indicate if a book is available for rental.

How can I save time in the Bookstore purchasing textbooks?
Visit the Bookstore as early as possible to purchase your texts. You should purchase your books during the two weeks before the semester starts. Shopping during this time will ensure you a speedy trip to the Bookstore.

Time Saving Tips:

Can I rent a textbook?
Yes! To save you money, you can rent textbooks from the bookstore! All you need is your student ID and a credit card (NOT a debit card). You can see which texts are available for rental on WIReD, our online store or on the store bookshelves. If the book is available for rental, the rental price will be displayed where pricing is listed. View our rental agreement.

What is pre-pack?
Pre-Pack is available every fall and spring semester. Simply fill out an online form with your course numbers and have your books pre-packaged and ready for when you come in!

How can I save money at the Bookstore?
Purchase used texts (they are 25 percent less than new texts). The best way to get used books is to order your books through a pre-pack. Also, visiting the Bookstore as early as possible during the two weeks before classes start will give you the best access to used books. Renting your textbook is another way to save money!

What forms of payment does the Bookstore accept?

  • Cash
  • Personal check (with photo I.D.)
  • Financial Aid Bookstore Advance (with photo ID)
  • Third Party Charges (VESID, Dept. Of Labor, Veteran's)
  • Credit Card (with photo ID): Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  • Gift Card

How are gift cards sold?
We sell gift cards in any amount that you would like. This is an easy and safe way to help someone pay for their textbooks and school supplies. If getting here is a problem, you can call us at (518) 629-7371 and we can arrange to mail it.

Can I use my Financial Aid Bookstore Advance at any time during the semester?
No. There is a particular time frame you can use your Financial Aid Bookstore Advance to make purchases for the Fall and Spring semesters. Dates and more information, including what you can purchase with the waiver, is available on the Financial Aid Bookstore Advance webpage. 

What other services does the Bookstore offer?
You may send or receive a fax at the Bookstore for $1 per page.

Gift Cards: Can be purchased in any denomination and work on a declining basis.

How do I avoid keeping textbooks I don’t need?

  • We recommend asking your professor during the first week of classes if any textbooks will be used. You have two weeks in the Fall and Spring semesters (one week for Summer and Spring sessions) to make a return for the full amount, providing the book is in the same condition as it was sold and is accompanied by your receipt. See Return Policy.
  • During the first and last week of classes of the Fall and Spring semesters, a Follett representative is on site to purchase select titles from students. View the Book Buy Back dates.
  • Rent your textbooks for the semester and return them after your final!

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