Textbook Rental Agreement

  1. I am at least 18 years of age.
  2. I am entering this Textbook Rental Agreement ("Agreement") with the Faculty Student Association of Hudson Valley Community College, Inc.'s Vikings Cove Bookstore ("the Bookstore") of my own free will.
  3. I agree to return the rental materials (as indicated on my rental receipt) to the Bookstore on or before the Rental Return Date. The Bookstore is not responsible for reminding me of the Rental Return Date and is not responsible for returns shipped to the store via any carrier. Any receipts for rental materials are part of and subject to this Agreement.
  4. I understand that the textbook(s) rented to me remain the property of the Bookstore while in my possession.
  5. CONDITIONS UPON RETURN: I understand I am responsible for the condition of the textbook(s) rented to me. I bear the full responsibility for the return of the rented textbook(s) in salable condition and for payment of "late fees" and/or "lost fees" if rented textbook(s) are lost, stolen, or returned in unsalable condition. Unsalable condition includes damages incurred to the rented textbook(s) as determined by the Bookstore staff, including but not limited to torn covers, torn pages, or liquid damage. Limited highlighting and writing in the rented textbook(s) is permitted.
  6. I understand that I am renting the textbook(s) for one semester only. If I need the textbook(s) for future semesters, I must return the textbook(s) to the Bookstore by the Rental Return Date and re-rent the textbook(s) depending on availability.
  7. REFUND: The last day for return of a rented textbook for a full refund of a rental is the same date that is posted for any textbook purchase return. The refund return date is posted within the Bookstore as well as in the Return Policy. Textbook(s) rented after the refund return date are non-refundable.
  8. TAX: Normal tax rates will apply.
  9. CARD AS SECURITY: I will not cancel or exceed the purchasing limits of the credit card on file for the rental until the rented textbook(s) is either returned to the Bookstore or the "late fee" or "lost fee" is paid. I will promptly notify the Bookstore of any changes to my personal information or my credit or debit card information.
  10. LATE RETURN: If I fail to return the rented textbook(s) by the Rental Return Date on my receipt, I authorize the Bookstore to charge a "late fee" of $15.00 to my credit card or debit card on file for the rental.
  11. LOST/UNSALABLE MATERIAL: If I fail to return the rented textbook(s) at all or return them in an unsalable condition, I authorize the Bookstore to charge the following “lost fees” to my credit card or debit card on file for the rental: 100% of new book price. 
  12. I agree that the Bookstore reserves the right to deny me future rental opportunities should I fail to adhere to the terms and conditions of this Textbook Rental Agreement.
  13. I have read and fully understand the provisions and the terms of this Agreement as outlined and I agree to adhere to all conditions and terms as stated.

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