Career Opportunities in the Field

The job placement rate for graduates of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology A.O.S. program approaches 95 percent prior to graduation. In fact, many students are able to take part-time jobs while still in college, with one of the many employers eager to hire our graduates. Those completing the program and with/after on-the-job experience are generally qualified to fill a variety of positions in industry such as: machinist, tool maker, CNC programmer, quality control technician and mold maker.

The most direct path to future management, job planning or machine programming positions in industry starts with the graduation from this program. Many employers are willing to financially support students from their locale via company sponsored scholarships for students enrolled in the full or part-time program. This provides the employer with a well-trained employee for the future, and offers the student an opportunity for both employment and a very low cost education, a true win-win situation for both parties. Full-time students may work part-time for an employer during the semester and full-time during vacation periods, while part-time students may attend day or evening classes while working full-time day or night.

Annual wages for graduates vary depending on a variety of factors such as the type and size of employer, skills required, further opportunities for learning, responsibilities, and locale. Annual wages for employees with a two-year degree generally start at $40,000 – $50,000 and up to $60,000 within a short-time. Technicians who become very highly skilled tool, die, mold, gage or instrument makers, machinists, programmers or inspectors generally have much greater earning potential. The machining technical trades commonly have frequent opportunities for employees to work overtime, greatly increasing one's income potential. The "buzz word" in this country today is "manufacturing" and this program offers the individual a great opportunity to become part of this technological revival.

Partnering Companies

"The manufacturing training offered by HVCC is a best in class program. This program has and continues to be the primary source for the technically trained employees our business needs to maintain our globally competitive position. We depend on HVCC to provide us with the CNC Machinists, CNC Programmers and Process Planning Technicians that are essential to the on-going success and growth of our organization."

Mike Dagle, President - LAI International, Green Island, New York

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