Graduation, Achievement and Placement (GAP) Program

The main goal of the program is to accelerate a student's rate of graduation and provide additional support if needed. Students participate in the program from their first semester through graduation.

During a student's first semester at Hudson Valley, as an alternative to traditional non-credit remedial coursework determined by Placement Test scores, students will attend predefined, credit-bearing courses that have additional contact hours with professors. Participants also meet with an academic coach and support staff on campus throughout their attendance at the college.GAP Challenge Accepted (logo)

The GAP program was developed in response to legislation passed by the State of New York in 2013.

Support Resources

Students who enroll in the GAP program are required to utilize academic support resources on campus, including:

  • Center for Academic Engagement
    In the Center for Academic Engagement, students have access to academic coaches, computer work stations and peer mentors. The center also offers brief "Engage-N-Go" workshops to help students build and strengthen study skills.
  • Learning Centers
    The Learning Centers (Learning Assistance Center, Writing and Research Center and Computer Learning Center) offer a variety of academic support services, including tutoring and assistance with study skills, writing, research and computers.
  • Academic Advising
    Dedicated academic advisors assist GAP program participants with course selection, understanding graduation requirements, problem solving and resource referral.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Any student who is accepted into a degree or certificate program and is recommended to take a minimum of one learning skills course during their first term of full-time study as determined by Placement Test scores, is eligible to participate in the GAP program.

How Do I Become a Participant?

An academic coach will present students with the GAP option during an initial meeting following the placement test. Participants will be required to sign a participation agreement.

Why Should I Participate in the Program?

The benefit of participation in GAP is the potential to accelerate the time to graduation by decreasing non-credit bearing coursework compared to the Traditional Development Track as demonstrated below.

First semester GAP Courses Descriptions

  • ENGL 101: Enhanced English Composition I
    3 credit hours; 4 contact hours
    This course is designed to help students improve their writing ability through concentration on the writing processes: prewriting, writing and revision. Other concerns of the writer, particularly audience, diction and correctness, will be addressed. Research techniques, library orientation and oral presentation of student writing are also included. Research paper is required.
  • INDS 105: Enhanced Intro to Personal and Academic Effectiveness
    3 credit hours; 4 contact hours
    This course will enable students to become independent learners who understand the process of learning and can apply that process in and out of the classroom. Utilizing educational theory and research, instruction will focus on concepts and principles of learning in addition to academic and self-management strategies. Class discussions, group/individual activities, and course assignments will provide opportunities to apply the concepts, principles and strategies to actual academic situations.
  • FORM 108: College Forum
    1 credit hour; 1 contact hour
    This course is required for all first-time, full-time students. Through a series of presentations jointly developed by the academic department and student services professionals, students will be provided information on career and transfer opportunities, academic procedures, campus regulations and student rights and responsibilities. Through a series of activities and assignments, students will learn to identify problems and take the initiative to solve them.
  • MATH 099 OR MATH 120*
    *Math course is based upon the student's intended major.
    • MATH 099: Enhanced Elementary Algebra I
      0 credits hours; 4 contact hours
      This is a basic preparatory course in the fundamentals of algebra and trigonometry. Topics include: integers, fractions, order of operations, operations with signed numbers, solving first degree equations in one variable with applications, solving and graphing inequalities in one variable, operations with polynomials, graphing linear equations, writing equations of lines, and the solution of right triangles by the use of trigonometry and the Pythagorean Theorem. A scientific calculator is required.
    • MATH 120: Enhanced Real World Mathematics
      3 credit hours; 4 contact hours
      A course designed for Liberal Arts students that emphasize contemporary applications of mathematics. Topics include, but are not limited to: statistics, data analysis, consumer mathematics, networking, geometry and tiling. This course requires a calculator (TI-30xIIS) and may include use of additional technology.
  • Major course or elective of choice
    3-4 credit hours; 3-4 contact hours
    Students will select either a course for their intended major or an elective course to reach full-time status for a total of 13-14 credit hours.

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