The Mailroom operates to serve the needs of the entire campus. Please contact the Mailroom if you have any questions regarding mail service on the campus. We make every effort to deliver your mail as accurately and as promptly as possible. If there is any way in which we can be of better service to you, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I mail an interoffice letter?
Just put the letter to be mailed in an interoffice envelope and address it to the person to whom you wish to send it. Make sure that you note the building, room number and department.

What is the procedure for sending mail off campus?
All mail must be flapped, rubber banded, and ticketed.

The mailing ticket must include:

  • department name,
  • department code,
  • date of mailing,
  • number of pieces,
  • type of mailing (e.g., tuition bills),
  • mailing status (1st Class, Bulk, CertifiedMail, Overnight Express)
  • and signature of department head.

On individual letters place your department name and code in the upper left hand corner beneath the college name and address. All pre-stamped mail should be kept separate from mail that will be put through the metering machine.

What can I do if I have a lot of letters to mail?
First, please let the mailroom know as far in advance as possible of the large mailing. The mailroom staff will be happy to assist you. We will provide trays, and give you a hand with sorting, if you let us know in advance so that we may schedule your mailing. All mail must have your department code affixed to the envelope and/or the mailing ticket which must be filled out and attached to outgoing mail.

What if I have to send a letter by Registered or Certified Mail?
Contact the mailroom staff and they will be glad to assist you.

How do I get my mail picked up if I miss the delivery?
Mail is picked up twice a day in the President's Office, located in Guenther Enrollment Services Center, and in the Finance Offices, located in the Administration Building. You may drop mail at these places before 2 p.m. if you miss the pickup in your area.

How do I send an express mail delivery?
To send a letter or package by overnight delivery, contact either the Mailroom or Purchasing Department for assistance. A purchase order must accompany your request.

What do I do with an over-abundance of interoffice envelopes, rubber bands or paper clips?
Return them to the Mailroom for re-distribution and use.

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