Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional effectiveness at Hudson Valley Community College encompasses the development and enhancement of a culture of assessment to ensure informed decision-making and resource allocation that will support continuous improvement at all levels of the institution. It is defined as:

  • A continuous process of planning, outcomes assessment, and resource allocation to determine how well the college is achieving its mission and goals;
  • A demonstration of continuous improvement in student learning, educational programs, and administrative and educational support services;
  • Accountability to the students, to employers, accrediting agencies, government entities, and our funding sources.

Plans and Reports

To assist in the assessment of institutional effectiveness, the college has in place an Institutional Effectiveness Plan. The plan describes the assessment and planning processes in place at the college and outlines how they are integrated with a set of institutional effectiveness core indicators and reports from the committees charged with oversight of the college's three major planning documents - Strategic Directions and Priorities, Strategic Enrollment Plan and Strategic Technology Plan - to produce an annual Institutional Effectiveness Report.

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