This year's Faculty Workshop Day - Awareness in the Age of AI: Intentional Educational Design & Practice - will be held in person with some remote workshops on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

All workshops have a seat cap of 24 participants on the registration form, including remote workshops.

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9:15 - 9:45 a.m.
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9:45 - 10 a.m.

  • Greetings & Announcements (Maureen Stapleton Theater)
    Faculty Workshop Day Committee Co-Chair John Peabody
    Vice President of Academic Affairs Judy DiLorenzo
    Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Ronalyn Wilson

10 - 11 a.m.

  • Keynote Speaker, Dr. John Spencer (Maureen Stapleton Theater)
    Dr. John Spencer is a former middle school teacher and current college professor on a quest to transform schools into bastions of creativity and wonder. He strives to empower his students to become creative thinkers and problem-solvers. He encourages teachers to unleash the creative potential in all of their students so they can be designers, artists and engineers. Dr. Spencer regularly explores educational research, interviews educators and studies design in action. He shares these insights through several mutlimedia platforms.
    Dr. Spencer has also led workshops and delivered keynotes around the world. In 2013, he spoke at the White House, sharing a vision for how to empower students to be future-ready through creativity and design thinking. His current work and publications focus on technology, artificial intelligence, and how to navigate our ever-changing educational landscape. 
    Dr. Spencer’s books include Vintage Innovation: Leveraging Retro Tools and Classic Ideas to Design Deeper Learning Experiences, Empowered at a Distance: How to Build Student Self-Direction into Remote and Hybrid Learning, and The A.I. Roadmap: Human Learning in the Age of Smart Machines

11 - 11:30 a.m. - Break

11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
Session I
Bulmer Telecommunications Center

AI for Personalized Learning
Presenter: John Spencer
While many institutions promise a personalized learning experience focused on adaptive learning (students sitting at a computer getting leveled worksheets), authentic personalized learning is centered on the person. In this workshop, we explore how we can design personalized learning with scaffolds, supports, and differentiation using AI. We’ll explore how we can design something that is human-centered but AI-informed.
CPE Credit: New Technology - LMS or Teaching and Learning - Integrating New Technology
Campus Safety Overview and Review (In-person)
Presenter: Fred Aliberti
In this session, we will review current trends in college safety - presenting some de-escalation techniques as well as reviewing best strategies in responding to student needs, especially with mental health, as well as Title IX and sexual harassment. We will also present some suggestions regarding active shooter safety.
Relationship Building with Students to Create Lifelong Learners (In-person)
Presenter: Anthony Nuvallie
This session will cover training on the important points of providing excellent service to our students.
Writing with AI: Teaching as Experiment (In-person)
Presenter: Mason Stokes
If ChatGPT can write a successful college essay, what are the implications for college writing instruction? And if it can’t, can it be useful to us in other ways? In this workshop I’ll share lessons learned from “Writing with AI,” an experimental course I recently taught at Skidmore College and offer guidance for a future that is already upon us. There will be time for discussion. 
Give It a Try: A Hands-On Introduction to AI-enhanced Learning (In-person)
Presenter: Linda Lim
This workshop will give participants the opportunity to experiment with online AI-enhanced learning tools in a friendly, low-key environment - tools may include Khanmigo, ChatGPT, Packback and others.
Embracing Change: Faculty, Brightspace, and Students (In-person)
Presenter: Linda K. Ryder
This panel discussion will focus on how faculty let their Blackboard muscle memory go as they transitioned to the Brightspace environment and the Brightspace tools they are incorporating into their technology teaching toolkit.
CPE Credit: Teaching and Learning - Pedagogy or Integrating Instructional Technology or New Technology - Emerging Technologies
AI and Why with ASL (Remote)
Presenter: Melissa Adams-Silva
This workshop will present how AI could help with the use of ASL and how it could help cross curricular connections visually. There will be a Powerpoint presentation with a lecture in ASL by the presentor that will be voice interpreted for those who do not know ASL to provide equal access to all. There will be break away groups to see how it could help or not within your own areas of expertises, by trying the AI application within the workshop, along with an open discussion, Q/A and surveys. No prior knowledge is needed in order to participate, all are welcome.
Bringing Self-Compassion to Faculty Experiences (Remote)
Presenter: Susan Walzer
Academic life can be stressful, yet we generally feel okay when we are meeting expectations. But what happens when we are not meeting them - either in reality or in our own internal and sometimes harsh evaluations? This remote workshop explores challenges of academic culture for faculty and introduces mindful self-compassion as a resource for encountering difficult moments.

12:45  - 1:30 p.m.
Lunch (Siek Campus Center)

1:30 - 2:45 p.m.
Session II
Bulmer Telecommunications Center

CPR, AED and First Aid Review (In-person)
Presenter: Anthony Caliguire
This workshop will review CPR skills, AED usage and first aid procedures. We will cover common things professors can do to help injured students and when and why to call 911.
Notes From the Trenches: Helping Today’s Students with Their Writing (In-person)
Presenter: J. Daniel Beaudry
Students from every discipline come to the Writing and Research Center (WRC) for help. This gives the faculty specialists who work there a unique perspective on their changing needs as well as on best practices for teaching writing across the curriculum. This session will report on some of the most common issues we’re helping students with in the WRC and will share some nuggets of wisdom as well as a few easy-to-implement techniques for improving student writing, including one that will defeat AI and cut down on how much time you spend grading writing!
Every Campus a Refuge (ECAR): Supporting Global Citizenship and Refugee Resettlement in our Community (In-person)
Presenter: Catherine Willis
Every Campus a Refuge is a new program at HVCC. In this workshop you can expect to learn about the program, refugee resettlement, HVCC's support of refugee resettlement and educational and service opportunities for our students. We will also think ahead to how we can leverage this program to benefit our students, campus community and the broader community. 
Engaging and Retaining Students with Automated LMS Tools (In-person)
Presenter: Linda Ryder
In this workshop we will look at release conditions, intelligent agents, checklists, video quizzes and other ways to customize and guide students' learning in the LMS environment. Focusing on engagement and retention, the "hands-on" demos in the lab will allow participants to experience these tools first hand and as we discuss how they can support students. Participants should already be comfortable with the basic tools and navigation within D2L Brightspace, and use this as a way to expand their tool kit.
CPE Credit: Teaching and Learning - Pedagogy or Integrating Instructional Technology or New Technology - Emerging Technologies
Empowering Engagement: Student Participation in Course Construction (Remote)
Presenter: Casey Ryan
This discussion-based workshop will focus on how students benefit from involvement in the creation of their course policies, syllabi and assessments. Research-informed discussion will allow participants to share their experiences while learning from colleagues. HVCC student feedback will also be included in the workshop presentation. 
Designing Accessible Microsoft Word Documents (In-person)
Presenter: Heather Chase
This workshop will acquaint you with the essential components necessary for crafting an accessible Microsoft Word document. It will elucidate the fundamentals of Microsoft Word’s accessibility tools, enable you to assess the accessibility of a Microsoft Word document, and guide you in making necessary improvements. Additionally, you will engage in a practical exercise to reinforce your learning, where you'll have the chance to remediate a Microsoft Word document based on the principles covered. 
Integrating Simulation and Debriefing (In-person)
Presenter: Nicole Murtagh
The main goal of this workshop is to show the benefits of implementing of prebrief and debriefing sessions within simulation (typically used in healthcare). The integration of simulation within the classroom is a great way to help students learn from real-life examples. The prebriefing and debriefing session eases the anxiety of students while also helping them understand if they met the expected outcomes of the simulation. 
Faculty Promotion at HVCC (In-person)
Presenter: Jennifer Eaton
Are you ready for promotion? Do you meet the criteria? How is the process initiated? What are the important components of the promotion package? This workshop is designed to provide information and resources for faculty who are considering promotion, whether it be soon or several years down the road. In this workshop we will cover a detailed overview of the promotions process at the college and describe the portfolio required for promotion. Faculty will leave the session with a sense of awareness of what is involved in the promotion process and how to achieve this milestone.
A Roadmap to Resiliency (In-person)
Presenter: Katie D'Arcy
As our world and society continue to change in many ways, so do our students and how they engage with the world. Many of us have noticed a significant shift in our students and their level of resiliency when faced with challenges and adversity. This session will elaborate more on the common concerns and challenges students are struggling with, ways to assist our students proactively, and a review of the services available to students to holistically address their academic, personal and professional development.

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