This year's Faculty Workshop Day - The Future of Pedagogy: Engaging Students from Near, Far, Wherever You Are - will be held remotely on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021.

9 - 9:15 a.m.
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9:15 - 10 a.m.

  • Welcome Address
    Presented by College Administrators and Faculty Workshop Day Committee Co-Chairs, Jennifer Austin and John Peabody 
  • Reflections on 2020: A Montage 
    The Faculty Workshop Day Committee, along with assistance from HVCC’s Multimedia and Video Services, has curated a video compilation for this year’s virtual opening act in lieu of a traditional keynote speaker. We’ve prepared a humorous and light-hearted presentation that offers moments of inspiration and discovery over the past year. You’ll hear from faculty, students, community members, local celebrities, founders of organizations, and a former Harlem Globe Trotter. You’ll see funny Zoom fails and viral videos that have captured the collective spirit of living and working at home. Please join us for a one-time viewing of this montage to kickstart an exciting day of professional development.
  • Acknowledgements 
    Presented by Faculty Workshop Day Committee Co-Chairs, Jennifer Austin and John Peabody 

10:15 - 11:30 a.m.
75-minute Concurrent Sessions I

Promoting Success of ESL Students in the College Classroom
CET Credit: Teaching and Learning: Pedagogy
Presenters: Elizabeth Allen, Maria-Lourdes Benton, Jessica Brouker, Noah Kucij, Barbara Reynolds and Joshua Kohan
This workshop presents basic concepts in second language learning and offers best practices for teaching and advising non-native English speakers. After a PPT presentation, there will be a panel discussion with Q & A.
Clean Heating and Cooling and Other Renewables
Presenter: Joanne Coons
For this session, we will discuss how non-fossil fuel energy sources are essential for the future.
Basic Parliamentary Procedures for Meetings
Presenter: Ron Vero
The workshop will provide a basic understanding of Robert's Rules to enable someone to conduct or participate in a meeting. No experience or prior knowledge is required. The presentation will give a brief overview of the rules and will provide example situations for the participants to practice.
Meditation and Mindfulness for Stress Reduction During these COVID Times
Presenter: Jerry Petell
Meditation and mindfulness are practices that can be used to support faculty and students during the current global pandemic caused by COVID-19. This workshop will introduce mindfulness practices that have been shown to decrease stress, anxiety, depression, and pain levels. Specific breathing and mental exercises will be discussed with the intention of improving participants’ relaxation techniques and overall well-being. Designed for the beginner and experienced meditator alike.
Signs of Our Times: Making Classes Accessible for All Students
Presenter: Melissa Kate Adams-Silva
As teachers, we need to walk a mile in our student’s shoes. This workshop will provide activities that demonstrate why access for all students is so important. Tips and tricks will be included as a reminder to help all students when teaching in the classroom or on Zoom. Many of us get in a habit of using what works for us as teachers, yet does that methodology work for our students? Sometimes we need to simplify our teaching methods to stay in touch with our audience.
The ABCs of APA
Presenter: Carol Hammond
This workshop will serve as an extension of last year's session on commonly used citation styles (APA, CMS, and MLA), and will focus specifically on APA format. Summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and avoiding plagiarism when citing sources in APA format will be reviewed. Students' frequently asked questions about APA format, along with a discussion on how to teach APA format in an engaging way, will also be included. Participants will then have time to start drafting their own title pages and Reference pages.
Video Lectures Made Easy
CET Credit: Teaching and Learning: Integrating Technology or Technology: Emerging Technologies
Presenters: Elissa M. Baker and Denise Russo
Learn about the wide variety of tools available to create interactive and accessible video lectures for remote, online, and hybrid courses. We will explore lecture creation tools Techsmith Knowmia and VoiceThread, along with using Zoom to record lectures to Knowmia. Additionally, we will discover preexisting video content that can be integrated into your lectures, like Films on Demand. We will also explain the benefits of using these accessible tools for assessments, discussions, analytic data, and more.
Online vs Remote Teaching: Best of Both
Presenter: Linda K. Ryder
HVCC has a long history of successful remote teaching as well as a mature online teaching and learning institutional strategy. COVID-19 stretched the limits of both modalities for us and many other institutions leading to innovation and documentation that has been shared across the higher education community. This brief overview will showcase some key "best practices" to emerge for both online and remote teaching and how they overlap, differ, and complement each other. 

11:30 a.m. - noon

12:15 - 1:30 p.m.
75-minute Concurrent Sessions II

Supportive Pedagogy for the Pandemic and Beyond 
Presenter: Casey L. Ryan 
The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for our students, but many existing challenges were magnified with the shift to remote learning. Our students face food insecurity, learning disabilities, family and life stressors, work responsibilities, and physical and mental health concerns. This workshop will provide an overview of the specific challenges our students face, how the pandemic has magnified these needs and challenges, and facilitate discussion on ways faculty can approach their pedagogy with these needs in mind. 
Enhancing Faculty-Driven Student Retention Efforts with CRM-ADVISE 
Presenters: Matthew Howe and Jennifer Eaton 
The Office of Student Outreach & Retention is committed to working collaboratively with all campus departments to facilitate, support, and promote programs and activities that give students the best chance for academic success. For faculty specifically, in conjunction with the Office of Enterprise Operations and the CET, the recent integration of the College Success Referral System (CSRS) with the CRM-ADVISE retention tool will be discussed. Best Practices for making referrals to student support services including the Center for Academic Engagement, Marvin Library Learning Commons, Academic Advisement Offices and more will be shared. 
Managing Our Well-Being During COVID-19 
Presenters: Sara Donnelly, LMHC, Senior Counselor and Katie Weeks, LMHC, Counselor/Outreach Coordinator  
This workshop is a discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on both students and faculty, during a time of remote and online learning. We will be identifying ways to manage our own wellness and encourage our students to improve and maintain their wellness to achieve academic and life goals, during COVID-19. Some of these methods include: creating a dedicated study/work area, establishing a routine, engaging in self-care and self-assessments or check-ins and more.  
Using the Blackboard Gradebook: Basic and Advanced Techniques 
CET Credit: Integrating Technology or Technology: Blackboard 
Presenter: Joel Glickman 
This session will introduce techniques to implement in the Blackboard gradebook to digitally store all of your course grades. It will highlight basic gradebook methodologies and also provide more advanced uses. In addition, specifics regarding the registrar’s grade extraction method will be demonstrated. Time will be allotted to address individual participants' unique gradebook needs and requirements. 
Advanced Blackboard Tools 
CET Credit: Teaching and Learning: Integrating Technology or Technology Blackboard 
Presenter: Elissa M. Baker 
Take your course to a new level by integrating new tools and strategies into your teaching toolkit. We will explore advanced ways to control access to course content through the Adaptive Release and Achievements tools. Additionally, we will discuss approaches and tools for effective group or collaborative activities or assignments by discovering the Blackboard Group and Wiki tools. 
Show & Tell: Tools to Help Increase Student Engagement in Online and Zoom Remote Courses 
Presenter: Dawn L. Kolakoski, Ed.D. 
This workshop will offer a demonstration of a variety of educational (and free) tools to integrate with Blackboard or Zoom to increase student engagement and participation. Some can be used by students individually for study and practice of course concepts, some include gamification, and others encourage student participation in class activities. In addition to a demonstration, participants will be invited to experiment with the tools as presented and will leave the workshop with enough confidence to implement in their own classes. A comprehensive handout will also be included. 
Resolving Conflicts Through Mediation  
Presenter: Ron Vero 
The workshop will provide the basics of how to mediate a dispute between student and professor, including basic mediation skills. Example disputes will be included for participants to practice the skills demonstrated. 
How to Openly Share your Faculty-Created Materials Using Creative Commons 
Presenters: Sarah Romeo and Brenda Hazard 
This session introduced faculty to Creative Commons alternative licensing that provides both copyright and permission for others to access, share, and modify. Creative Commons allows faculty to take the next step from adopting existing open educational resources (OER) to participating in open repositories or blending their works with other open sources. The workshop will introduce Creative Commons options and provide practical examples of how to assign Creative Commons to written, visual, and other materials. 

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