Proctoring Protocol

NOTE: This information is for faculty who teach and students enrolled in online courses in departments that require tests or activities to be proctored. Proctoring must be administered using proctoring software or remote synchronous methods. Faculty shall not require students to be on campus to complete academic work, activities or examinations for any online or web-remote course.

Virtual Proctoring Platforms

  • Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor is a fully automated proctoring solution that uses LockDown browser software to prevent cheating on the computer itself and Respondus Monitor to track student test-taking behavior. You can use Monitor for web recording proctoring or Instructor Live proctoring. The college has a limited number of seats for LockDown Browser and Monitor, but unlimited for LockDown Browser and Instructor Live Proctoring via Zoom.
  • Zoom video conferencing software can be used for proctoring synchronous exams or activities. Instructors can monitor test-taking but there is no software to completely prevent cheating.

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty should:

  • Communicate in the syllabus, and place an announcement in the course, that the online course requires tests or activities that will require online proctoring (see above).
  • Announce exam or activity dates in the syllabus and send reminders at least one week in advance.
  • Establish guidelines for the proctored test or activity such as what can and cannot be used while taking a test.
  • Include information for the proctoring platform(s) in your syllabus.

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