EOC Culinary Arts Instructor Publishes "The Juneteenth Cookbook" for Kids

June 12, 2024

Taffy Elrod-Ljikovic

Chef Taffy Elrod-Ljikovic, Culinary Arts instructor at the Capital District Educational Opportunity Center (CDEOC), collaborated with author Alliah Agostini on a children’s cookbook titled "The Juneteenth Cookbook." Chef Taffy previously developed recipes for other cookbooks but this is her first work for children.

“I hadn’t thought about working on a cookbook for kids until the opportunity presented itself. Once the idea was presented, I absolutely loved it,” she said. “The idea of teaching kids to cook delicious food while helping them and their grown-ups celebrate such a meaningful holiday was really inspiring.”

The recipes that Chef Taffy developed for "The Juneteenth Cookbook" were inspired by African American celebration dishes, favorite family recipes, and foods that are accessible and fun for kids. One of her favorite recipes in the cookbook is the strawberry mint baby kale salad with blackberry balsamic dressing, which Culinary Arts students served in the CDEOC’s on-site cafeteria during Black History Month. She also loves the red velvet ice cream sandwich recipe.

In addition to recipes, the cookbook includes a history of Juneteenth, fun family activities, and a holiday cookout playlist. You can learn more about the development of "The Juneteenth Cookbook" and its contents in an interview with Chef Taffy and Alliah on The Everything Cookbooks podcast (Episode 85).

"The Juneteenth Cookbook" can be purchased anywhere books are sold, including Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop.org.

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