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The college's Office of Workforce Development offers Business, Management and Information Technology courses for those preparing for a new job, promotion or looking to update their skills.

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Course Offerings

Business Writing and Reports

Sharp writing skills pay off in an increasingly information-oriented workplace! This blended classroom/online course will help you brush up on the mechanics and structure of written communications and add a professional touch to your reports.

You will:

  • Review basic elements of clarity, grammar mechanics, word choice and report writing
  • Benefit from direct instructor feedback

Course Topics:

  • The Writing Process: Preparation, Organization, Writing and Revision
  • Grammar, Mechanics and Punctuation
  • Style and Clarity: Concise and Precise Writing Techniques
  • Correspondence for the Business Environment: Reports and Emails; Business Memos and Letters

The course begins and ends with classroom meetings and will have four weeks of online sessions in-between. Students will work independently on assignments, with access to the instructor for person-to-person interaction, both in the classroom and via email.

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills; previous experience using a word processing software program; a flash drive; the ability to submit assignments in MS Word or Word-compatible format; and proficiency using email to submit and retrieve class-related documents.

Required Textbook: Rules for Writers, 7th edition by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers. ISBN-13: 9780312647360

Location: Hudson Valley Community College Main Campus

Tuition: $380

Delivery of Course:

Instructor-Led (Blended: Classroom / Online)
20 hours, 2.0 CEUs, Non-Credit

Please contact the Office of Workforce Development at or (518) 629-4111 for upcoming class schedules.

Startup Business Principles

We've partnered with the Troy Innovation Garage to offer this complete overview of the necessary steps in developing an idea and starting your own business. In addition, this course provides ample opportunity for hands-on application of core concepts with the Troy Innovation Garage, Gramercy Communications and their partners. This unique program allows you the opportunity to gain valuable experience by partnering with formative-stage companies on real world consulting projects, the chance to develop your own business models and start-up concepts, and an advanced knowledge and understanding of the business start-up process. At the conclusion of this course, you will have completed a detailed marketing plan and presentation for your business idea. This course will prove beneficial to both individuals and teams of entrepreneurs in any stage of business idea development.

Prerequisites: None

Textbook: Five suggested texts are used along with subscriptions to “Entrepreneur” and “Fast Company” magazines, as well as the Times Union and Albany Business Review. A complete list is available from WDI.

Location: Troy Innovation Garage, 22-24 Fourth St., Troy

Tuition: $600

Delivery of Course:

Instructor-Led (Classroom)
30 Hours, 3.0 CEUs, Non-Credit

Please contact the Office of Workforce Development at or (518) 629-4111 for upcoming class schedules.

Front-End Web Development

Web development skills are more in demand today than ever before. Organizations are seeking qualified developers to satisfy the growing demand and popularity of mobile devices and e-commerce solutions.

This course will teach you the essential techniques used to plan and design cutting-edge interactive web applications for the software industry. Through lectures, hands-on work and team assignments, you will learn the process for planning, creating, testing and deploying web applications. At the conclusion of the course, you will have created a portfolio of projects and a functional website that can be used to market your skills.

Students will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of front-end website development
  • Gain knowledge of the foundational languages that power the web, such as HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3), JavaScript and other scripting languages use to interact with a back-end database.
  • Gain coding knowledge and combine the powerful styling and animation capabilities of CSS3 to enhance your web pages and work with the technologies of HTML5 to develop interactive web applications.
  • Learn to build high-quality websites and dynamic applications to create stunning user experiences for the web.

Prerequisites: No prior computer programming experience is required. You do not need to have a mathematical background beyond high school business math.

Location: TBA

Tuition: $1,250

Delivery of Course:

Instructor-Led (Classroom)
30 hours, 3.0 CEUs, Non-Credit

Please contact the Office of Workforce Development at or (518) 629-4111 for upcoming class schedules.

Python for Data Science

The most popular programming language for data science, competency in Python is a critical skill for those wishing to start or grow their career in this field. Data Scientist is one of the hottest jobs in information technology!

In this course, you will master the ability to collect and structure data, analyze and visualize data in meaningful ways to help solve complex business problems. Using Python and its libraries and working with data from a variety of external sources, and tools such as SQL, Jupyter Notebooks, NumPy and Pandas, we will analyze real-world datasets to test hypotheses, identify patterns, relationships and, eventually, draw conclusions.

You will gain experience using both built-in and custom-built data types to create an expressive and computationally-robust data science portfolio of projects. Finally, you will build predictive machine learning models using Python and scikit-learn.

Students will:

  • Learn the fundamental programming using Python with a focus on practical business applications
  • Gain extensive knowledge in SQL databases by creating, joining, retrieving data and using a variety of data sources
  • Learn fundamental skills in statistics
  • Prepare for downstream analyses by accessing data from common data file types and databases
  • Explore, clean, normalize, aggregate, transform and visualize data for better insights
  • Learn to retrieve and parse information from the internet
  • Gain experience building predictive machine learning models, interpreting the results and communicating those results to the audience
  • Build a portfolio of projects in data science and analytics

Prerequisites: No prior computer programming experience is required but a working knowledge of topics such as statistics and general data analytics methods is expected. Experience with Python is helpful, but not required.

Location: Remote Instruction

Tuition: $1,250

Delivery of Course:

Instructor-Led (Remote)
60 hours, 5.5 CEUs, Non-Credit

Please contact the Office of Workforce Development at or (518) 629-4111 for upcoming class schedules.

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