Fire Safety

Hudson Valley Community College strives to continuously maintain a high degree of fire safety compliance by routine inspection and maintenance of fire safety systems by Physical Plant staff and other qualified contractors. Fire safety education and training is also an important component of our efforts. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides training in fire safety awareness during all safety orientation classes. Additional training in fire safety can be provided upon request by calling the EHS office.

Building Fire Alarms

All buildings are monitored by heat/smoke detectors. However, if you see smoke or fire and need to evacuate the area before the building alarm has sounded, pull the fire alarm in the hallway on your way out so that all other building occupants are notified that they should evacuate. Once safely outside, immediately report to a Public Safety Officer and state what you observed and why you pulled the alarm.

Fire and Evacuation Procedures

Anytime you hear the fire alarm sound, please follow these guidelines:

  • Immediately gather your personal belongings and go to the nearest exit (which may not be the one you normally use)
  • Do not use elevators
  • Persons who are unable to use the stairs may exit by going through a connecting building or by asking for assistance
  • Once outside, please continue to move away from the entrance so that people behind you have room to get out
  • Please do not re-enter the building until the alarm has been silenced and you are told that it is safe to re-enter
  • If you have any information about the fire or emergency, please come forward and report to a Public Safety Officer or other emergency responder
  • Evacuation Guidelines for Mobility-Impaired Persons

There are designated Floor Marshals in each of the buildings. Please follow any instructions they or other emergency response officials may give you.

As required by New York State Fire Codes, Hudson Valley Community College holds fire drills three times per year. The purpose of the drills is to make all building occupants familiar with how to evacuate as quickly and as calmly as possible. When you hear a fire alarm, do not assume it is a drill! Continue to follow the above guidelines for all alarms.

We appreciate your cooperation during all fire alarms; this is very important to your personal safety!

If you would like more information about emergencies and evacuation procedures, please pick up an emergency brochure from the Public Safety Office or view the buildings listed below:

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Environmental Health and Safety
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