Adolescent Education Majors Gain Teaching Experience at STEM High School

May 23, 2023

Adolescent Education students working with HVCC and Questar III STEM HS students

Throughout the Spring 2023 semester, students in the Liberal Arts & Sciences - Adolescent Education (Teacher Education Transfer) program could be found at the HVCC & Questar III STEM High School on Wednesday and Thursday mornings where they’ve gained teaching experience.

In addition to observing the innovative STEM High School faculty in action, the teachers in training facilitate AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) tutorials in which they collaborate with the STEM HS students to solve problems through a structured inquiry process.

HVCC adolescent education majors gain invaluable teaching experience as part of their course work with Professor Timothy McLaughlin and Department Chair Yanoff. The mission of the Adolescent Education program is to provide students with the foundation needed to pursue the rich and rewarding field of secondary education and achieve junior status in a comparable baccalaureate program after earning their Associate in Science degree at HVCC.

“EDUC 101 is an opportunity for students to find out early in the program if teaching is their path. The STEM teachers, Professor McLaughlin and I provide guidance and support so students can learn more about education as a profession,” Yanoff said. “This coaching allows our students to build their teaching skills in a supportive environment. By the end of the semester, HVCC students have gained much more confidence, and to see themselves as teachers.”

STEM High School English Language Arts Teacher Erin Piotrowski said HVCC students “quickly learn when they need to actively support students and when it is time to stay quiet and allow space for learning.” She believes the tutors and students “develop a unique connection” because the HVCC students are only a few years older than the STEM students.

“As a first-year education major, I am learning hands-on techniques that aren’t usually taught at such an early time for a beginning teacher,” said Cameron Torrey, an HVCC Adolescent Education and History major. “As I’m learning new and advanced teaching skills, I am growing in my confidence and knowledge as a teacher. This program gives any prospective teacher the resources and goals for success in a state-of-the-art program designed to help you become the best teacher possible.”

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