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The college's Office of Workforce Development offers Biotech and Health Sciences courses for those preparing for a new job, promotion or looking to update their skills.

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Course Offerings

Pharmacy Technician Online

Pharmacy technicians are in great demand both locally and nationally and credentialed technicians have a solid career path. The role of the pharmacy technician is to dispense medications, interact with patients and many may soon be administering COVID 19 tests and vaccines. This is an exciting opportunity to enter a high-demand medical field.

This course provides students the preparation needed for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s ( exam. There is an increasing demand from pharmacies for those who have passed the certification exam. Coursework focuses on the retail pharmacy industry and emphasizes the importance of customer service. Those who wish to work in hospital or veterinary pharmacies will generally receive additional on-the-job training specific to those environments.

This course is conducted exclusively online to provide you with the flexibility to learn on your own schedule. You will have access to the instructor and you will participate in discussion boards with fellow students. All students also are required to attend two mandatory three-hour synchronous (real time) remote classes per week with the instructor.

Prerequisites: Minimum 10th grade reading and math skill levels; basic computer skills; access to a personal computer with internet access.

Textbooks: Books, costing approximately $190, will be available for purchase at the Viking’s Cove Bookstore.

Tuition: $1,750
Additional Cost (optional): The National Pharmacy Technician Exam (PTCE) is not administered by the college, and the fee is not included in the tuition. Students who elect to take the exam should make arrangements with the testing organization, to register for the test and to pay the organization's testing fee (approximately $130).

Delivery of Course:

Instructor-Led (Online/Remote)
15 Weeks, 12.6 CEUs, Non-Credit

Pharmacy Technician Online
Schedule Section Seats Left Cost Register
Tuesday, Wednesdays, 6/21 - 9/20
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
ZCCP-034 700 15 seats left $1750Call for more information
Tuesday, Wednesdays, 10/18 - 2/1
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
ZCCP-034 500 20 seats left $1750

Waste Water Treatment - Basic Operations

This course is approved as one of the modules required by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to become certified as a wastewater treatment plant operator in NYS. Students will experience a broad overview of topics including biological treatment, solids handling and all related process equipment

Waste Water Treatment - Basic Operations
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Tuesday, Thursdays, 10/4 - 12/15
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
ZTTN-016 500 18 seats left $1250

Water Treatment, Grade I - Advanced Operations

The Water Treatment Plant Grade I - Advanced Operations course is one of the modules required by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to become certified as a Grade IA or Grade IB water treatment plant operator in New York State; (the second module is on Management and Supervision and is a separate course). The Grade IA certificate is required at water treatment plants with filtration that were designed for 2.5 MGD and over. The Grade IB is required for water treatment plants that are designed for 2.5 MGD or over, without filtration.

There is also a 10-year experience requirement for the certification. Generally the course is taken by those operators already possessing a Grade IIA or Grade IIB water operator certificate. The course is an in-depth course in water treatment, with a heavy emphasis on math, chemistry, biology, the intricacies of water treatment, water treatment plant optimization and the rules, regulations and legal requirements of operating a water treatment plant.

Note: For NYSDOH-approved water treatment courses, 100 percent attendance is required. In order to satisfactorily complete the course, students who miss any hours of the class will be required to make up those hours by arrangement with the instructor.

Prerequisites: Completion of approved Grade A or Grade B Water Treatment Plant Operators course; 10th grade reading and math levels

AWWA Water Operator Field Guide, 2nd Edition, ISBN: 978-1583219041
Water Treatment Plant Operation, Volume 1, 7th Edition, 2017, ISBN 978-1-323-78665-9
Water Treatment Plant Operation, Volume 2, 7th Edition, 2020, ISBN 978-0-13-671065-3


Water Treatment, Grade I - Advanced Operations
Schedule Section Seats Left Cost Register
Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays, 10/17 - 11/9
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays, 10/17 - 11/9
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
ZTTN-097 500 14 seats left $1250

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