Upcoming Lecturer Jammella Anderson Featured on TIME Magazine Cover

March 8, 2021

Albany community activist Jammella Anderson is on the cover of the upcoming March 15-22 issue of TIME magazine. Anderson, who is working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to fight food insecurity in underserved neighborhoods, also is featured prominently in the magazine’s cover story. She was not in such a big spotlight when scheduled to deliver a virtual talk for the college's Voices: A Library Lecture Series.

Entitled Food Is A Human[e] Right!, the noon to 12:50 p.m. Wednesday, March 10 program is open and free to the public. The link to access the live-stream event can be found on the Voices: A Library Lecture Series webpage.

Anderson, a part-time doula and yoga instructor, works with marginalized and underserved communities to fight food insecurity, a long-time issue sharply increased by the COVID-19 pandemic. She will discuss how systemic oppression adversely affects marginalized populations and prompted her to single-handedly establish Free Food Fridge last August. Today, there are a handful of free-access refrigerators on sidewalks in Albany that are stocked daily by Anderson and her volunteers, including local farmers, restaurant and market owners, and individuals.

Voices: A Library Lecture Series is presented each semester to broaden and enrich the scope of studies at the college with talks on timely and enduring issues that are shared with the community. The lectures are 50-minutes long and will be streamed live online due to the current COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings. All are welcome to attend; live stream access information is available at www.hvcc.edu/voices.

Please email d.gardner@hvcc.edu for more information.

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