Campus Policies, Regulations and Reports

Campus Security Report

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Self-propelled Vehicles on Campus

Service Animal Policy

Tobacco-Free Overiew and Policy

Visitor Policy

The following information can be found in the [Loading College Academic, Student and Community Services link…] section of the College Catalog:

  • Campus Facility Access and Security Policies
  • Counseling
  • Enforcement Authority of Security Officers
  • Policies Regarding Alcohol, Drugs, and Drug/Alcohol Education Programs
  • Parking

Important Campus Policy Reminders

  • All faculty, staff and students are required to have their current, college-issued identification with them at all times, and to present their identification at the request of an identified Public Safety Officer.
  • Possession, transportation and/or use of any illegal drugs on campus are not allowed.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be brought to, possessed or consumed on campus. No person who appears intoxicated is allowed on campus.
  • Gambling, of any kind, is not allowed.
  • Any illicit behavior which appears motivated by a victim's race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ethnicity or disability is not allowed.
  • Smoking and other tobacco use is prohibited on all college grounds, college-owned or leased properties.
  • Disruption (fighting) or interference with the operation of the college is not allowed.
  • Harassment of student(s) or employee(s) is not allowed.
  • No display of inflammatory or incendiary signs, posters or banners.
  • No firearms (guns, firecrackers, fireworks, etc.) of any kind are allowed.
  • No cutting instruments (knives or blades) except pocket knives two inches or less in length are allowed.
  • Unauthorized use of the college's duplicating or reproduction equipment, public address system, radio station or computer systems is not allowed.
  • Defacing, damaging or maliciously destroying any college, faculty or student property is prohibited.
  • Any violation of a local, state or federal law on campus is prohibited.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct for Academic Ethics that is listed in the [Loading Judicial System link…] section of the College Catalog.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the college's Computer Learning Center's policy that prohibits inappropriate behavior that interferes with the rights of other individuals to benefit from the college's programs and activities, or behavior that creates an offensive or hostile academic or work environment.

In an effort to maintain an atmosphere of civility and high ethical standards, where all members of the college community are treated with courtesy and respect, students enrolled at Hudson Valley Community College are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct for Campus Regulations and Computer Ethics, Code of Conduct for Academic Ethics and Computer Ethics Policy, all of which are outlined in the [Loading Judicial System link…] section of the College Catalog.

Students who violate any campus regulations, including the Computer Learning Center policy, may be suspended or expelled from classes, the Computer Learning Center, and/or receive indefinite suspension of computer accounts.

To report a campus violation, please contact the Public Safety Office (518) 629-7210.