Library Liaison Program

A liaison librarian is assigned to work with each academic department. The role of the liaison is to collaborate with faculty in the selection, evaluation, and utilization of library resources.

Liaison services include: acquisition of library materials in all formats; handouts; guides; program reviews; projects; enrichment reading; website evaluations; as well as class instruction.

Faculty are encouraged to suggest books and media for the circulating and reference collections that will support their curriculum or program needs. Faculty who plan to introduce a new course are required by the Curriculum Committee to collaborate with their liaison librarian and the library director to identify required resources.

Subject Area Liaison Name Liaison Phone Liaison Email
Business Valerie Waldin (518) 629-7319
Biology, Chemistry and Physics Sue Grayson (518) 629-7555
Center for Access and Assistive Technology Sue Grayson (518) 629-7555
College Administration Sue Grayson (518) 629-7555
Continuing Education Sue Grayson (518) 629-7555
Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Public Administration Valerie Waldin (518) 629-7319
Distance Learning Brenda Hazard (518) 629-7388
Economics Valerie Waldin (518) 629-7319
Engineering and Industrial Technologies Brenden McCarthy (518) 629-7384
English, Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language Stephanie Clowe (518) 629-7392
Fine Arts, Theatre Arts and Digital Media Stephanie Clowe (518) 629-7392
Health, Physical Education and Exercise Studies Brenda Hazard (518) 629-7388
Health Sciences (except Mortuary Science) Cynthia Koman (518) 629-7360
History, Philosophy and Social Sciences Katie Jezik (518) 629-7395
Human Services and Chemical Dependency Counseling Cynthia Koman (518) 629-7360
Individual Studies Sue Grayson (518) 629-7555
Learning Centers Brenda Hazard (518) 629-7388
Mathematics and Engineering Science Brenden McCarthy (518) 629-7384
Mortuary Science Sue Grayson (518) 629-7555
Staff as Students Sue Grayson (518) 629-7555
Teacher Preparation/Early Childhood Brenden McCarthy (518) 629-7384

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