Library Equipment Lending Services Policy

Dwight Marvin Library lends electronic devices to current students and employees and which are subject to the college's [Loading Computer Use Policy link…]. The devices may be preloaded with content and access tools which are selected by librarians and other building faculty and staff. Additional accessories (covers, power cables, keyboards, etc.) may be bundled or circulated separately.

Eligibility to borrow devices is limited to current students and employees; community borrowers and others who may be eligible to borrow books are excluded from device lending. The loan limit is one device per borrower. Use may be limited to designated areas within the Marvin Library building. Devices are loaned from the first floor service desk and must be returned there directly to a staff member. A lending agreement must be signed for each loan indicating agreement with current policies and restrictions. Loans will not be completed until a signed agreement is provided. Violation of the terms of the lending agreement may result in loss of lending privileges.

The loan period is specified in the lending agreement. When devices are returned, staff will perform a visual check for damage or missing parts. When the equipment is verified to be returned on time and in good condition, the item will be checked in and the loan agreement will be destroyed. An additional overdue fine may be charged for late returns. Unpaid overdue charges prevent future loans.

Failure to return a device prior to its stated due date/time will result in the library declaring the item stolen, notifying the Office of Public Safety, and posting the full replacement cost to Banner. If the device is returned in good condition within thirty days, the replacement cost will be removed and the maximum library overdue fine will be posted in its place. The maximum overdue charge is $150; overdue charges must be paid even if the device is returned. After thirty days overdue, the device will not be accepted as a late return and the replacement charge must be paid. Hudson Valley Community College students are unable to register for future semesters, view their grades online, or obtain transcripts while having an unpaid balance for library replacement costs on their account.

Dwight Marvin Library faculty and staff or Information Technology Services (ITS) will select the content available on the devices. Borrowers may not add or remove content. Borrowers may request changes through an online recommendation form. Preference will be given to free content that facilitates access to licensed content provided by the library and its building partners and which is directly related to academic programs. ITS will provide consultation to determine technical specifications to prevent tampering with content and to provide privacy to borrowers.

August 2019

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