Videoconferencing Instructor-only Rooms

BTC 1078 instructor-only videoconferencing room
Instructor-only Videoconferencing Room

The following videoconferencing equipment is available in BTC 1078, BTC 1079 and BTC 1083, which as instructor-only rooms:

  • One camera (with tracking capability)
  • Two monitors displaying content and remote site(s)
  • Desk microphone
  • Soundbar
  • Desktop computer
  • Document camera
  • Touch panel to control camera, share content, adjust volume, start/stop recordings
    [Touch panel documentation (PDF)]

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Videoconference Operations Center

Bulmer Telecommunications Center, Suite 247

Roger Pinke
Manager of Video Conferencing and Media Technology
(518) 629-8087

Eric Kiel
Video Conferencing and Media Specialist
(518) 629-7625

Jason Bourdeau
Multimedia Technician
(518) 629-7742

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For immediate technical assistance, call the IIT Help Desk at (518) 629-7364.