Desktop Videoconferencing Using Zoom Instructions

These instructions help illustrate how to use videoconference technology using Zoom.

Connecting to the Videoconference

  • Open web browser and type in search field
  • Click join meeting, enter provided meeting ID and click join. Zoom software will automatically download and open
  • You will see your camera, and click join with video, and when prompted, click join with computer audio
  • When connected, you will see participants if they are currently connected.

Controls When Connected to the Conference

The following icons will appear when you hover your mouse around the Zoom software:

  • Camera icon to send/stop sending your video to participants
  • Microphone icon to mute/unmute your microphone.
  • Participants icon to see who is currently connected to conference
  • Share icon to share your computer screen/applications
  • Chat icon to chat with participants using Zoom desktop videoconferencing software
  • Record icon records the conference onto your computer, or in the cloud (if available)
  • Gallery view/speaker view icon to toggle between layouts
  • Leave meeting to disconnect from conference

Remote Control – Allow participant to control your computer mouse

  • Click share icon and select what you would like the participant to control
  • Click remote control icon and select which participant you want to control your computer
  • Click remote control icon and click abort control to stop participant having control of your computer

Share an Apple Product (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

  • Click the share icon
  • Click the iPhone/iPad via Airplay and click share
  • Follow the instructions that appear and open the control center on the mobile device
  • Select screen mirroring, select Zoom and your mobile device will be seen by all participants
  • Open the control center and select stop mirroring to stop sharing your mobile device

More Information

Visit Zoom’s video tutorials for further assistance.

PDF Diagram of Desktop Video Conferencing Using Zoom Instructions

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