Desktop Videoconferencing

Learn how to participate in a videoconference using a computer, laptop or tablet.

Reasons to use desktop videoconferencing:

  • Meetings
  • Guest speakers
  • Job interviews
  • Project collaboration
  • Module recording/screen recording

Below are the steps to help make your videoconference successful:

  • Discuss with Videoconference Staff your needs, and the program will be determined
  • Provide contact information (phone and email) of all parties involved so staff can conduct a test with each individual prior to the day of the videoconference
  • The day of the videoconference, dedicated staff will be on call if technical assistance is needed, and if preferred, staff can enter the conference as a participant for quality control


The following documentation helps illustrate how to use videoconferencing within the various applications.

Get in Touch

Videoconference Operations Center

Bulmer Telecommunications Center, Suite 247

Roger Pinke
Manager of Video Conferencing and Media Technology
(518) 629-8087

Eric Kiel
Video Conferencing and Media Specialist
(518) 629-7625

Jason Bourdeau
Multimedia Technician
(518) 629-7742

Request a Videoconference

Videoconference Request Form

For immediate technical assistance, call the IIT Help Desk at (518) 629-7364.