High School students across New York state can register to take college-level courses via videoconferencing through the College in the High School program.

Students in the high school are taught from a standard videoconference room or an instructor-only room at the college, allowing them to interact with on- and off-campus students in addition to the instructor.

Students at the high school can see the instructors' computer and document camera, allowing them to receive content to take notes, watch videos and see presentations.

Videoconferencing equipment is available in the following classrooms and instructor-only rooms:

College in the High School Program

High School Staff Forms

College in the High School Facilitator Contact Information
This form should be completed by the facilitator at the high school. The facilitator is the liaison between the high school students and the instructor at Hudson Valley Community College.

College in the High School Technician Contact Information
The person with technical knowledge of videoconferencing equipment at the high school should complete this form.

Teaching Remotely During COVID-19 Survey
This form should be completed by instructors from the Spring 2020 semester. We are interested in finding out how instructors taught 100 percent online or remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, what technology was used and comments about what worked during your time away from campus.

Get in Touch

Videoconference Operations Center

Bulmer Telecommunications Center, Suite 247

Roger Pinke
Manager of Video Conferencing and Media Technology
(518) 629-8087

Eric Kiel
Video Conferencing and Media Specialist
(518) 629-7625

Jason Bourdeau
Multimedia Technician
(518) 629-7742

Request a Videoconference

Videoconference Request Form

For immediate technical assistance, call the IIT Help Desk at (518) 629-7364.