Planned Giving/Heritage Society

Planned giving includes both outright and deferred gifts, both of which have tax advantages sanctioned by the Internal Revenue Service. Charitable gifts are becoming more popular as major components of long-term financial and retirement planning programs.

Outright gifts include gifts of cash, securities or property. Deferred gifts involve the irrevocable transfer of an asset to a charitable organization, allowing you to retain either an income stream or the remainder interest. Current tax laws permit several planning alternatives for deferred gifts allowing the donor to receive a charitable income, gift, or estate tax deduction.

If you are considering a planned gift, please consult with a financial advisor to explore ways in which a gift in your lifetime may be advantageous not only to you and your heirs, but also to Hudson Valley Community College.

The information on these pages is not intended as legal, tax or investment advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney, tax professional or investment professional.

Gifts That Create a Lasting Legacy

Remembering Your SUNY Campus in Your Estate Plan

The Heritage Society

A key to the college's continued success will be the support of its alumni and friends through The Heritage Society. The Society has been established to recognize and honor donors who have generously provided, or plan to provide, gifts to the Hudson Valley Community College Foundation through bequests, trusts, and other life income gifts. Society membership is a reflection of the highest of values and commitment to future educational excellence. Find out more.

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Society Members

John O. Amstuz*
Charles F. Bessey*
Vera Boerenko-Titterington '72
Steve Boggess
Sarah M. Boggess
Mark T. Breslin '58
Philip Brown
John L. '68 and Bobbie Buono
Roger Champagne
William Doherty*
James J. Fitzgibbons*
Robert F. Foley*
Muriel T. Gageway*
Walter Gardiner '55
Otto V. Guenther*
Jayne Regan Harris*
Stephen L. Hyatt*
Kevin J. Johnson '74
Mary Karpiak Foster
Wynn Kintz
James LaGatta '67
Regina Scarano LaGatta '73
Marguerite H. LaPan*
Marvin R. LeRoy, Jr.
Dr. Robert S. Menchel '55
Anne Morgan
William G. Muller
Rev. and Mrs. Dennis L. Nagi
Holly Pennock
Mary E. Phillips '73
Robert E. Pratt '55
Linda Prusik '84*
Robert G. Ralbovsky
Mark Schmiedeshoff '72
Lori Schmiedeshoff '85
Peter Siy '78
John and Marie Stasiak
Bob and Joyce Swanick
John J. Sweeney, Jr.
Robert S. Turner
James A. Walsh '61*
Gordon '62 and Linda Zuckerman

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(518) 629-8012
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