Employee Giving

The commitment and passion of Hudson Valley's faculty and staff are a great part of what makes this a true community college. We all believe in and support higher education, and we know that many students need additional support both inside and outside of the classroom to succeed. One excellent way to help these students get the help they need is through donations to the college's Employee Giving Campaign.

Where does your gift go? Donations to the Employee Campaign are part of the Hudson Valley Community College Annual Fund, unless directed otherwise. Every penny raised from the employee campaign will be directly applied to college initiatives.

Past initiatives have included:

  • scholarships for students at Hudson Valley Community College;
  • the purchase of Caldecott Medal winning books for the Early Childhood Education program;
  • pedestal maps and recycling bins;
  • sound equipment for the Maureen Stapleton Theatre and;
  • emergency assistance to students in crisis.

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Please join us in contributing to this year's Employee Giving Campaign. You may give through a payroll deduction or by making a one-time gift. Print out the form, fill it out, send it in. Or, make your gift online below.

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Quotes from Employees Who Give

Each semester, the Foundation implements an Employee Giving Campaign. Below are a few Hudson Valley employees who have chaired a campaign.


Erin HatterErin Hatter
Scheduling Officer

"No two students have the same journey through college. Some may jump in as full-time students and complete their studies in two years. However, more and more we are seeing students who may take longer because they are juggling their coursework, family and work obligations.

Not only are these students struggling with questions like "How will I find time to write my English Comp paper due tomorrow?" but also, "How will I afford to feed and get diapers for my child tonight?"

Fortunately, with the help of financial aid and scholarships, some of that financial burden can be alleviated. In my role as the Chairperson of the WE@HVCC Scholarship Committee, I saw firsthand how scholarships can make a difference in a student's life. Education is so important.

The inability to pay for school should never be what stands in the way of our students. Please help to make their journeys a little easier."

John HeiserJohn Heiser
Director of Graphic Design and Printing Services

"Hudson Valley students come from all walks of life. Many of them have had to face much more challenging circumstances than you and I, as Hudson Valley employees, might have. The students that come here are what make our jobs possible. Scholarship assistance through the Foundation can often be the lynchpin that enables a student to come to Hudson Valley when they otherwise may not be able to attend college at all. Please help support our students, especially at this time when enrollment is so critical."

Maria PalmaraMaria Palmara, Ph.D.
English, Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language Department Chairperson

"Recognition for academic achievement can be life-changing for students. Maureen Hood knew this and devoted her 50-year teaching career to cultivating students for professional and personal success. What better way to honor her work and her memory than to contribute to the Maureen Hood Memorial Award?"

James SlatteryJames Slattery
Emeritus and Adjunct Faculty Member

"Maureen Hood was the finest teacher I have ever known. She dedicated herself both to Hudson Valley Community College and her job here as well. Most of all, however, she loved her students and their capacity to rise above themselves through education. Which costs money. The best memorial for this great teacher is to ease the financial burden of that undertaking by contributing to the Maureen Hood Memorial Award.

In this regard I quote Thomas Gray: 'But Knowledge to their eyes her ample page, rich with the spoils of time did ne'er unroll; chill Penury repress'd their noble rage, and froze the genial current of the soul'."

Vivian TortoriciVivian Tortorici

"'One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.' – Carl Jung

Some may think the foundation of an institution is simply the ground on which it stands. Those who maintain such a position have surely not witnessed life at Hudson Valley Community College. Its foundation is based on professors like Maureen Hood who inspire students, motivate colleagues, and model for all a spirit of excellence and dedication that will continue forever. It is not accident that Maureen Hood was a Chancellor Award recipient. She represented the highest standard in teaching excellence. We are all better for her example. This is why I will be forever proud of my experiences at the college and enthusiastically support the Maureen Hood Memorial Award."

Lisa Van WieLisa Van Wie
Director of Financial Aid

"Students set goals and face challenges – including personal responsibilities, time and finances – in seeking an education. A scholarship is a way for donors to pay forward the value of an education. In the case of the new Bette Frisino scholarship fund, it's also an excellent way to honor a woman who spent her entire career in higher education as a student advocate.

A scholarship eases a student's financial burden, but perhaps more importantly, it recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of the student recipient. A scholarship is appreciated beyond measure by its recipients, and the importance of "paying it forward" through the support of scholarship programs can't be overstated."