Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Questions

When will I get my bill?
The billing schedule for various semesters is listed on the Registration Calendars. We will send you and email you a copy of your bill based on the earliest Part-of-Term for which you have classes scheduled. After the date listed for a specific Part-of-Term, you will have to obtain your bill by picking it up at the Cashier's Office in the Guenther Enrollment Services Center. You may also obtain a copy of your bill via your WIReD account by logging in and then selecting the Enrollment, Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Student Services Tab. Select Student Account Records and then click on Request Email Copy of Your Bill.

Why do I have to return the bottom of my bill for the semester, even if I have enough financial aid to cover the balance and don’t owe anything?
We need verification that you plan on attending school for the semester. Occasionally students will sign up for classes and then change their minds about enrolling. If you do not either pay, Confirm Your Registration Online via your WIReD account or return the bottom portion of your bill to the Cashier's Office by the due date your schedule will be dropped.

Certificates of Residence Questions

What is a Certificate of Residence? Where do I get one? I turned one in last year, why do I need another one now?
Any questions pertaining to Certificates of Residence that you may have should be answered by reading the Certificate of Residence information. If you still have questions regarding a Certificate of Residence after reading this information, please feel free to contact the Cashier's Office for more specific answers.


General Tuition and Fee information can be found in the College Catalog.

Technology Fee - I have my own computer at home and will not be using any computers on campus. Why do I have to pay a Technology Fee?
This is a mandatory fee which supports the academic infrastructure of the college including computer equipment, student email accounts and the Blackboard system. This fee cannot be waived.

Vehicle Registration Fee - I am not going to be driving or parking on campus this semester. Can I waive this fee?
Yes. Sign into your WIReD account, click on the Student Accounts Tab and then click the link to Apply for Vehicle Registration Waiver. Or fill out the Vehicle Registration Waiver Form and submit it to the Cashier's Office to waive the Vehicle Registration Fee associated with your account for the semester.

Health Facility Fee – What is the Health Facility Fee?
The Health Facility Fee provides for a registered nurse to be available to students for assistance with injuries and routine health counseling. It also provides for a part-time college physician who students can make an appointment to see through the college's Heath Services Office.

Records and Activity Fee – What is the Records and Activities Fee for?
This is a mandatory fee and cannot be waived. It provides for student activities, intramural and intercollegiate athletics, cultural affairs activities, student transcripts and graduation.


I tried to check my grades online today and it says I have a hold on my account?
Following are the holds that are controlled by the Cashier's Office and relate to a balance on your account:

Cashier's Hold
If you owe a balance for tuition or registration fees for any semester you will have a Cashier's Hold placed on your account. You will not be able to check your grades, receive a copy of your transcript, get a diploma, or register for a future semester until your balance has been paid in full.

Financial Hold
If you owe a balance for fines or charges other than tuition or fees for any semester you will have a Financial Hold placed on your account. You will not be able to check your grades, receive a copy of your transcript or get a diploma until this balance has been paid in full.

Collection Hold
If you have a Collection Hold on your account it means that the balance owed the college from a prior semester has been forwarded to a collection agency. You will have to pay the collection agency directly and you will be responsible for paying their fees in addition to the balance owed the college. Please contact the Cashier's Office for information on how to contact the collection agency.


My schedule was dropped because I did not pay my bill by the due date listed on it. How do I get my classes put back in?
If you have an AVN number from your advisor, and classes have not yet started for the Part of Term you wish to register for, you may register yourself for classes again online. If you do not have an AVN number or classes have started, you may attempt to reschedule for your class or classes in person with your advisor, at the Registrar's Office or by calling (518) 629-4560 with your FERPA password. Advisors for non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) students are available at the Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions.

Note: If your schedule is dropped for non-payment or because you did not return the bottom portion of your bill to the Cashier's Office, you may not be able to get the same schedule back.

Will my charges get reduced if I Drop or Withdraw from a course?
General information regarding tuition adjustments for dropped courses can be found in the Tuition and Fees section of the College Catalog. If you are entitled to receive a refund it will be processed within two to three weeks after you drop from a course. Refund will be processed through BankMobile and disbursed to you based on the refund preference you selected. Contact the Cashier's Office for more specific information regarding your refund.

When does my financial aid disburse to my account? When will I get a refund of my financial aid?
General information regarding financial aid disbursements and refunds can be found here. For more specific questions regarding financial aid refunds, contact the Cashier's Office.