Work Requests

Work requests are categorized as: (1) Work Order, (2) Emergency Request, (3) Environmental Safety and Health Request and (4) Special Events Request.

Each Work Request is prioritized A, B or C:

  1. Emergency/Safety/Preserve: Resources will be deployed as soon as materials and scheduling permits
  2. Maintain/Enhance (Estimated cost less than $500): Resources will be deployed as soon as materials and scheduling permits
  3. Develop/Construct: No commitment of completion date will be made

1. Work Order: Submit Online

  • Submitted for the repair of worn out or defective parts of the college’s facilities such as lights, floors, HVAC systems, doors, windows, etc.
  • Work orders are scheduled to be completed in accordance with Physical Plant schedule.
  • To obtain a user ID and password to access the online system, please call the office at (518) 629-7356.

2. Emergency Work Request: Call (518) 629-7356 or (518) 629-7210

  • Should be requested in response to a facility condition that is causing damage to persons, property, or the environment; or in response to a condition restricting educational services or work productivity. This includes overflowing toilets, a fire in an electrical unit, or a leaking industrial barrel.
  • The individual reporting the emergency should call rather than input the order through the website and should provide information such as location, time, and date.
  • Physical Plant staff will immediately input the work order after the call is received if an emergency condition exists.

3. Environmental Safety and Health Request: Call (518) 629-7163

  • Made in response to a serious condition that may potentially pose a threat to people, property, or the environment such as an exit light out in an academic building, empty fire extinguisher, or a leaking chemical substance.
  • If the condition does pose a threat to persons, property, or the environment, the request is designated as a priority, but is not handled as an emergency.

4. Special Events Work Request: Call (518) 629-4828

  • Used for campus set-ups such as meetings, conferences, breakfast/lunch/dinner meetings, trade shows, job fairs, and outside recruitments.
  • Requester is instructed to provide information such as date/time/location of event, description, floor plan, need for other services, and other relevant information ten (10) days prior to event. If the requestor needs to submit a request without the ten-day notice, the request must be signed by the responsible Vice President.