Non-Discrimination and Mutual Support

Hudson Valley Community College is committed to maintaining an educational and working environment that is free of all forms of discrimination, and where every member of our community can thrive.

Even though we are now operating at a distance, it is still essential that we all be supportive, respectful, and inclusive of the members of our community who are affected by the global issue surrounding COVID-19.

In the wake of this outbreak, several higher education institutions have experienced the targeting and exclusion of Chinese individuals, individuals perceived to be Chinese, and individuals who have recently returned from China, due to fear and misinformation about the virus. This behavior is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated in any form amongst the Hudson Valley community.

Acts of bias, discrimination, and harassment are a violation of Hudson Valley’s values and policies. Prohibited behavior and the consequences of that behavior have been outlined in our Code of Conduct, located in the Student Handbook (PDF).

Please also note that bias, discrimination and harassment of others based on their perceived health or disability status is also forbidden, just as race-based bias, discrimination and harassment is. If you see someone wearing a mask, do not assume that the individual wearing it has symptoms or is at risk. Wearing a mask is a widespread preventive habit in several countries, and is viewed as a gesture of consideration for others.

If you are the recipient of such targeted behavior, or observe this behavior being directed at someone else, please contact Chief Diversity Officer Ainsley Thomas at or (518) 629-4596.