Keepers of the Flame

President Drew Matonak, Anne Morgan, Dan Ashley, and Marie Stasiak. President Drew Matonak, Anne Morgan, Dan Ashley, and Marie Stasiak at the annual Retiree Luncheon.

The Keepers of the Flame, a special group of friends who served the college as long-time faculty, administrators, and staff members, was created to preserve and protect all that has been achieved at Hudson Valley since its founding.

It provides a perfect forum to bring together the most dedicated members of the college community in social, advisory, and educational settings, and will serve as a means to build stronger relationships with the critical thinkers who helped shape the institution, thus ensuring that the college builds on its illustrious past as it moves forward.

Individuals who remember the college in their estate plans, and notify the Foundation of such decisions, are included in the college’s Heritage Society. Members of the society are invited as special guests to events throughout the year, including the annual Leadership Donor Reception held each fall, and receive a specially commissioned crystal bowl in recognition of these generous gifts to the college.

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