Fall 2021 Distribution Dates
Fall 2021 Distribution Dates
Aid Type (part of term) Disbursement Date Funds Sent to BankMobile
Loans (POT 1-6) 1st 50% 08/23/21
Loans (12 week) 1st 50% 09/20/21
Pell/SEOG 1st 50% 10/04/21
Loans (Sprint) 1st 50% 10/28/21
Loans (all except Sprint) 2nd 50% 10/28/21
Pell/SEOG 2nd 50% 10/28/21
Loans (Sprint) 2nd 50% 11/22/21


Spring 2022 Distribution Dates
Spring 2022 Distribution Dates
Aid Type (part of term) Disbursement Date Funds Sent to BankMobile
Loans (all except Sprint)  1st 50%  01/11/22
Loans (Sprint POT 7B)  1st 50%  02/07/22
Pell/SEOG  1st 50%  02/21/22
Loans (Sprint POT 7)  1st 50% 03/24/22
Loans (all except Sprint)  2nd 50%  03/24/22
Pell/SEOG  2nd 50%  03/24/22
Loans (Sprint POT 7B)  2nd 50%  04/07/22
Loans (Sprint POT 7)  2nd 50%  04/21/22

PLUS LOAN Disbursement Information

Students attending only in the Fall OR Spring will receive TWO disbursements during the semester as follows:

  • Fall dates: 08/23/21 and 10/28/21
  • Spring dates: 01/11/22 and 03/24/22

Students attending both Fall and Spring will receive ONE disbursement a semester, on the first loan disbursement date as follows:

  • First disbursement will be In Fall on 08/23/21
  • Second disbursement will be in Spring on 01/11/22

Distribution of Refund

Hudson Valley Community College partners with BankMobile to deliver refunds to our students.

For more information about how your refund will be distributed, visit BankMobile Disbursements' Refund Choices webpage.

Financial aid will be used to satisfy your tuition and fee charges in the following order prior to the first Pell disbursement. After the first Pell disbursement your financial aid will be used to pay your tuition as it is disbursed.

  1. Estimated TAP (if Hudson Valley has received notification of your award by NYSHESC).
  2. Federal Pell Grant.
  3. Federal SEOG.
  4. Federal Direct Student Loans.

Please note that your loans cannot be disbursed until 10 days prior to date that you have commenced attending a minimum of 6 credits.

Any funds not needed, at the time of disbursement, to satisfy a tuition balance will be refunded to the student. Please contact the Cashier’s Office for information regarding financial aid refund policies and amounts.

An email will be sent to your campus email address when financial aid is disbursed to your account. The email will include a disclosure statement which contains information regarding the amount of the disbursement and any refund issued. If the disbursement includes a Federal Direct Student Loan, you have the right to cancel all or part of your loan within 14 days of the email.

Please note: You must continue to participate in your classes. You must return any funds issued to you if you will not be completing the semester. If you receive a refund and are subsequently found to be ineligible, you will be billed and ultimately sent to a collection agency if you do not return the funds.

Availability of refund checks is contingent upon a student’s mid-term grades. Funds will be held for final grades if a student’s grades at mid-term are all failing.