Policies Affecting Financial Aid Eligibility

If you withdraw from, or fail to participate in your courses before you complete at least 60 percent of the term, your financial aid eligibility must be recalculated. Your recalculated aid will be based on the percentage of time you completed in the term. For example, if you complete only 20 percent of the term, 80 percent of your federal aid must be returned to the federal government.

The Return of Title IV Aid recalculation will be applied to all federal aid recipients who withdraw from, or stop participating in all of their courses prior to Nov. 4, 2019 in the Fall term, and March 30, 2020 in the Spring term (these dates are for Part of Term 1 courses only).

It should be noted, that if you stop participating in classes after the end of the college's refund period, you are liable for all of your tuition and fees, even if your financial aid is decreased. If your financial aid previously covered your bill, but no longer covers it after the Return of Title IV Aid recalculation, you will be expected to pay your outstanding tuition and fees. Further, if you receive a disbursement of your financial aid, and the Return of Title IV Aid recalculation shows that you were not entitled to the funds, you will be billed for the funds, and the overpayment information will be forwarded to the U.S. Department of Education. It will be your responsibility to repay the funds before you are eligible to receive any further federal student aid, even if you attend another college. This overpayment will appear on your Student Aid Report (SAR) until your overpayment is repaid.

See a complete listing of policies affecting financial aid eligibility in the [Loading Financial Aid link…] section of the College Catalog.

Financial Aid Appeals

Income review
Have you recently become unemployed? Is your prior year’s income not a current reflection of your financial situation? To find out about financial circumstances that allow the Financial Aid Office to reconsider your eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office.
Note: Your circumstance must have occurred due to issues beyond your control. Circumstances such as, but not limited to, voluntarily leaving employment to attend college or retirement will not be considered for an appeal.

Unusual Enrollment History Appeal
If the review of your unusual enrollment history, as determined by the Department of Education, has resulted in your ineligibility for federal financial aid, you will be emailed a waiver form for completion.

150% Maximum Timeframe Waiver
For an explanation and application, see the 150% Waiver Application on the Financial Aid Forms page.

Dependency Override
To review the policy and procedures, see the Dependency Status Override Policy and Procedures on the on the Financial Aid Forms page.