Communications and Marketing
Submitting Student Accomplishments through and Hometown Newsmaker

What is and Hometown Newsmaker?

Hudson Valley Community College uses software from readMedia to publicize student achievements and activities on campus – like earning an athletic achievement, being named to an academic honor society, making the dean's list or earning a scholarship.

It creates personalized stories about these accomplishments, publishes them online at, and allows the college to send them to the students' hometown newspapers through readMedia's Hometown Newsmaker software.

This allows students get credit for the good work they're doing on campus, and creates a positive online profile that helps with jobs, internships, and even job interviews and references after graduation.

Why is important for students?

  • helps people who make decisions about internships, grad school, and jobs find the "good stuff" about students, and recognizes their accomplishments with official college "badges" that show that they're authentic.

  • A profile creates a positive online identity for post-graduation success. Many companies now research applicants online, and some have rejected applicants based on what they found there. A student's profile is a way for students to shine online.

  • Students who are featured by the college are informed of the announcement through their college e-mail address and encouraged to share their accomplishments with family and friends through social media channels such as Facebook. This reinforces the positive accomplishment and reflects positively on the institution as a whole.

How can you help?

  • Submit student accomplishments to Eric Bryant, assistant director of communications and marketing. Think about research presentations and publishing, departmental honor societies and awards, service learning initiatives, academic trips, scholarships, etc. The best hometown news releases include multiple students.

  • Use the template below to submit lists of student accomplishments. Simply save it to your computer, input the required information, and return to Eric Bryant at

  • If you don't know all of the information, that's ok, but we need at least the student's full name, e-mail address and the achievement for which they will be recognized. A brief description of that achievement is also helpful.

Hometown News template (xlsx)