Voter Registration

Hudson Valley Community College strives to inform students and employees of voter registration procedures and to provide students with voter registration information and forms.

It is important for college students to register to vote because many of the issues that impact students - such as education, war and employment - are directly impacted by elected officials.

Registration Forms

Visit the US Election Assistance Commission website for information about registering to vote by state.

Voter Registration Forms are available in the following locations on campus:

  • Center for Access and Assistive Technology (Siek Campus Center, room 130)*
  • Student Activities (Siek Campus Center, room 210)
  • Center for Careers and Transfer (Siek Campus Center, room 290)
  • Individual Studies Department (Fitzgibbons Health Technologies Center, room 319)
  • Automotive Department (Cogan Hall, room 145)
  • Athletics Department (McDonough Sports Complex, room 219)

*The Center for Access and Assistive Technology transmits to the Board of Elections every Thursday. You may drop off your completed voter registration forms by Wednesday and they will be included in the transmittal process.

I'm not from the Capital Region, should I register to vote at my local or permanent address?
As a Hudson Valley Community College student, you may register to vote in the state/county associated with your permanent address or with the New York State Board of Elections. The place where you vote will be determined by the most recent voter registration form filed with the Board of Elections.

Voting at your permanent address may be your preference if you have an interest in voting for candidates that represent your home town. An absentee ballot will allow you to vote if you're unable to return to your permanent address on Election Day. Visit the US Election Assistance Commission website for information about registering to vote, or obtaining an absentee ballot in the state of your permanent address.

If you are currently registered to vote and wish to transfer your registration to your local address, you may re-register by filling out a new registration form with your local address.

Voter Registration Administrators

DeAnne Martocci
Director of Center for Access and Assistive Technology
(518) 629-7154

Alfredo Balarin
Director of Student Life
(518) 629-7183