Graphics and Print Shop

Graphics Office
LaPan Services Building, Room 155
Phone: (518) 629-7316
Fax: (518) 629-7828

Print Shop
LaPan Services Building, Room 152
Phone: (518) 629-7838


Forms for Internal Use

  • Request for Photography and Video Services
  • Model Release Agreement
  • Co-Sponsorship Request
    This form should be used to justify and approve any Graphics or Print Shop requests involving co-sponsored events. A co-sponsored event is one that should have a relationship to the college through its programs, its students, or its community involvement and is complementary to the overall mission of the college. Use of this form has been approved by senior staff. If you need to use this form for upcoming work, please submit it well in advance of your event deadlines as written estimates and signatures are required before work can begin.