Where Do I Go For...

The information below should help direct you to the correct office for assistance.

Reference chart for help by topic
For Contact
Address change Registrar’s Office
Academic Help Learning Assistance Center
Apply for an off-campus part-time job Center for Careers and Transfer
Athletics Athletic Department
Books - Buy/Sell Bookstore
Career Opportunities Center for Careers and Transfer
College Souvenirs and Supplies Bookstore
Day Care Center Viking Child Care Center
Debit Meal Plan Food Services
Dental Clinic Dental Hygiene Department
Disability Services Center for Access and Assistive Technology
Financial Aid Mastrangelo Financial Aid Center
Graduation – Requirements/Application/Fee Registrar’s Office
Health Issues Health Services
Housing Student Activities
IDs cards Public Safety Department
Intramurals Athletic Department
Learning Disabilities Center for Access and Assistive Technology
Legal Service Attorney on Campus
Library Help Dwight Marvin Library
Lost and Found Public Safety Department
Media Services Dwight Marvin Library
Online Course Access Distance Learning
Online Degrees and Certificate Admissions
Parking Problems Public Safety Department
Payment of Financial Obligations Cashier’s Office
Personal Counseling Counseling Services
Placement Testing Testing Office
Public Safety/Escort Service Public Safety Department
Register for Classes Registrar’s Office
Scholarships Foundation
Security Public Safety Department
Student Government/Student Senate Student Senate Office
Technical and Academic Computer Support Computer Learning Center
Transcripts Registrar’s Office
Transfer Counseling Center for Careers and Transfer
Tutoring Learning Assistance Center
Vehicle Fines (appeals) Public Safety Department
Vehicle Fines (payment) Cashier’s Office
Vocational Counseling Center for Careers and Transfer
Voter Registration Forms (NY State) Student Senate Office
WIReD Assistance Registration Information Center
Withdraw from Class(es) Academic Advisor
Withdraw from College (Total Withdrawal) Registrar’s Office
Work Study Center for Careers and Transfer