Bookstore Advance

Bookstore advances will be available for use on the following dates:

Fall 2021: Aug. 9 - Oct. 15, 2021
Spring 2022: TBA

What is a bookstore advance?
A bookstore advance allows eligible students to purchase all or a portion of their books from the Bookstore using their excess financial aid funds. The amount spent is then added to the student’s tuition account to be paid for when their aid is disbursed to the account. The amount of financial aid refund will be reduced by what is spent in the Bookstore.

Who is eligible?
If your Federal Direct Student Loans*, TAP, Pell and/or SEOG grants exceed the cost of your tuition and fees, you may qualify for a Bookstore advance to help with the cost of your books. Only students who have excess federal financial aid, after tuition and fees will be paid, may be eligible for a bookstore advance. If your admissions acceptance is conditional (i.e. you owe transcripts or other paperwork to the Admissions Office), you must satisfy the condition before being eligible for a bookstore advance. You must also have a valid Certificate of Residence on file with the Cashier’s Office in order to qualify for a bookstore advance. Students can check their WIReD account for the status of a Bookstore Advance.
* Federal Direct Loans will credit your account only if you have returned your completed loan application to the Financial Aid Office. Loan applications may take three to five business days before crediting your account and generating a bookstore advance.

How much may I receive?
The maximum total allowable bookstore advance is $750 each semester, or the total of your excess funds, whichever is less. Bookstore advance amounts are subject to change due to changes in your enrollment, academic standing or status.

How do I use my bookstore advance?
Simply follow the steps listed below to use your financial aid bookstore advance to purchase your textbooks and supplies at the Viking’s Cove Campus Bookstore:

  1. Students must bring their valid Hudson Valley ID to the Viking’s Cove Campus Bookstore.
  2. Gather your textbooks and supplies.
  3. Once you have reached the checkout counter, notify the Bookstore Cashier that you will be using your financial aid bookstore advance to purchase your textbooks and supplies. Note: you need to provide a credit card number (not debit) as collateral for rental textbooks.

NOTE: Students may use their bookstore advance for online textbook ordering by choosing the payment option of “Student Account” when checking out.

What can I purchase with my bookstore advance?
Bookstore advances may be used to purchase the following items only: textbooks, supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, rulers, etc.), book bags, lab materials, goggles, dissection kits, safety glasses, lab aprons, gloves, voice recorders, clothing, academically priced software and laptops and computer accessories. General merchandise is not covered.