Academic Advisement
Human Services

What is an academic advisor?

Your academic advisor is available to help you with scheduling, adding or dropping a course, or planning for your academic future. Your academic advisor also is a good place to start when you're not sure who you need to talk to about a problem or question. Your academic advisor can assist you in identifying and communicating with other offices at the college.

Who are your advisors?

Advisor Phone Location
Theodore J. Adams Jr. (518) 629-7341 Brahan Hall, Room 014
Cathleen Campchero (518) 629-4920 Brahan Hall, Room 011
Karen Nash (518) 629-7341 Brahan Hall, Room 009
Maryanne Pepe (518) 629-7352 Brahan Hall, Room 012

Walk-In Hours for Scheduling

Advisement will be done during walk-in times. Hours are posted in the Human Services Office, BRN 008, or you may call (518) 629-7341 for current advisement hours.

Part-time and evening students and students with disabilities should call (518) 629-7341 for an appointment.