Dwight Marvin Library
More About the Library

Mission and Goals
The mission of the Dwight Marvin Library is to provide access to information, instruction and services to enhance student learning. It is accomplished by providing in-person and electronic reference services; resource sharing locally and world-wide; access to information in various formats; and instruction to classes, small groups, and individuals. The Library’s goals are

  • To provide quality reference service when and where it is needed to foster effective and independent use of library resources.
  • To select, acquire, organize, provide access to and preserve information resources that best support the curricular, research, and information needs of the college community through robust collections at Marvin Library and through cooperative resource sharing with other institutions.
  • To teach the skills needed to retrieve and evaluate information for academic success and lifelong learning.
  • To maintain a highly skilled faculty and staff that can develop and deliver excellent library services.
  • To provide access to resources which reflect a broad range of perspectives, viewpoints, and approaches consistent with the College's commitment to civility and diversity.
  • To provide an inviting and welcoming library environment conducive to study, teaching, research, and work.
  • To collect, organize, provide access to and preserve materials highlighting the history and culture of the college and the community.
  • To engage in best practices in library operations and in regular assessment and evaluation of library services.